Why Truck Accidents Increase During the Holidays

Why Truck Accidents Increase During the Holidays

The holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year’s Day is an exciting and fun time for celebrations and getting together with loved ones. This time of the year is also very busy for deliveries. Because of the increased pressure on truck drivers to get all of their cargo to their destination on time and the greater demand for products, there are more trucks on the road traveling about to fulfill their orders. This may mean that a truck driver may be more inclined to drive aggressively and speed to accommodate the demands of their job.

When a truck collides with a smaller passenger vehicle, the aftermath can be quite devastating. Occupants of the smaller car are at higher risk of catastrophic injuries and death if they are hit by a large commercial truck. If a truck accident happens due to the negligence of the truck driver, there could be several parties including the driver that may be liable for paying for the victim’s damages. In Mississippi, the Germany Law Firm, PLLC is a Jackson personal injury law firm that can help victims with their Mississippi personal injury claim. Should death result, the Germany Law Firm, PLLC can also assist with filing a wrongful death claim against the liable parties.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents Over the Holidays

Increased Truck Accidents During the HolidaysThere are several considerations and factors that can contribute to a potential rise in large truck accidents throughout the United States during the holiday season. Some of these include:

  • Higher demand for products to be delivered.
  • Longer workdays for truck drivers.
  • Higher pressure on truck drivers to make their deliveries fast.
  • Inclement weather conditions.
  • More people on the road traveling to parties and holiday activities.
  • Increased risk of drivers with alcohol in their system.

Large trucking accidents can be the fault of the truck driver, the trucking company the driver works for, the entity that loaded the cargo, or other drivers on the road. There are situations where a driver of a passenger vehicle can cause a large truck accident like would be the case if the driver was drunk and swerved into the truck, for example. Likewise, there are many ways that the truck can be the reason for the accident happening.

Even though truck drivers are supposed to be thoroughly trained and abide by the safety guidelines of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, this does not always happen. Whether or not the truck driver was behaving negligently with their driving, if the truck was improperly loaded, or if the trucking company urged the driver to ignore FMCSA rules and regulations, when a crash happens, victims are entitled to hold the liable parties accountable. 

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Large truck accidents can be traumatic and cataclysmic. Victims that were harmed by a negligent truck driver can file a personal injury claim to get the compensation they need to pay for all of their damages. For help with your Mississippi personal injury claim, please call the Jackson truck accident lawyers at Germany Law Firm, PLLC to discuss your accident situation during at (601) 487-0555.