Why Roadways Are Not the Only Locations for Car Accidents

Why Roadways Are Not the Only Locations for Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common reasons why Americans report being injured or losing a loved one each year across the country. Annually, the nation experiences more than six million accidents and many of them end with devastation such as catastrophic injuries and death. Even when injuries are not catastrophic in nature, they can still impede a person’s quality of life.

Roadways are obviously one of the most common locations for car accidents to take place. There were approximately 230 million licensed drivers in the country in 2019 and the number of new drivers on our roadways is only increasing. Still, while a good majority of the injury and deadly accidents that took place in the United States happened on a roadway, others have happened and continue to occur in many alternative locations.

Where Else Can a Car Accident Take Place?

Why Roadways Are Not the Only Locations for Car AccidentsWhen driving on the road, a driver themselves can only control their own behavior and actions. So, following the rules of the road and being extra alert and cautious can reduce the risk of a crash taking place. A driver that exercises defensive driving practices and is responsible still is not immune from a crash happening. The threat of an accident on the road is very high and the more a person drives, the more at risk they are for being in a crash. But, the open roads are not the only perilous areas where crashes can take place. Consider the following:

  • Parking lots report tens of thousands of incidents every year and the aftermath of many of these crashes are both injuries and death. Parking lots and parking garages are dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians especially when these parties are not paying close attention to their surroundings. To put the danger that exists in perspective, distractive driving is a leading cause of accidents every year and the use of handheld devices that cause a distraction while behind the wheel is a top reason why. The National Safety Council reports that as high as 66% of drivers in parking lots say they make phone calls while driving.
  • Backing up out of or turning into your home’s driveway is also a place that will take extra attention. From cars speeding down your street unaware of your movement to neighborhood children riding their bikes and running around, or even other joggers or bikers, hitting another party is a very real possibility.
  • If a driver is not paying attention to their actions or cannot do so because they are under the influence, then hitting a building is a possibility. Also for those structures that are on the curve of a road, drivers that are speeding pose a serious threat for crashing into the building.
  • Businesses that have drive-throughs can not only be slow-moving in general but while sitting in a drive-through frequent slowing down, stopping, and then moving again present a potentially dangerous situation. This is especially true for drivers that are not paying attention to what is happening around them.

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