Why Motorcycle Accidents Are More Dangerous

Why Motorcycle Accidents Are More Dangerous

Many motorcyclists know how different driving a motorcycle is compared to a car because they do it all the time. However, not everyone fully knows about all the dangers that are unique to motorcycle accidents. The injuries from these accidents alone can make people fall into a financial crisis with little money left to cover the other damages. If your accident involved negligence, an experienced Jackson personal injury lawyer might be able to help you obtain compensation.

The Dangers of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are different from other vehicles in a lot of ways. One main difference that makes motorcycle accidents more dangerous is the lack of protection. While cars have walls, windows, airbags, and seatbelts, motorcycles have none of these features.

This likely explains why motorcycle accidents lead to significantly more fatalities compared to other types of traffic accidents. The only protection motorcyclists have is a helmet and motorcycle armor, but not every motorcyclist chooses to wear these. Some motorcycle helmets work better than others with some being unable to prevent certain head injuries.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Are More Dangerous

If the impact is fast enough, there is only so much a motorcycle helmet can do. Motorcyclists who use helmets can still suffer severe traumatic brain injuries depending on the violence of the impact and how they are struck. Spinal cord injuries can also still happen despite using advanced motorcycle armor.

Lastly, the way a motorcycle responds to changes on the road is different than cars. A motorcyclist can more easily lose control during last-minute braking or steering. One wrong move can throw off the rider at rapid speeds. When traveling at 50 miles per hour or more, the injuries can be catastrophic.

Best Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

The biggest thing to do as a motorcyclist in a major accident is to assess your injuries. Certain injuries, like spinal cord or brain injuries, may prevent you from moving. Do your best to call 911 or for nearby help. If possible, move away from oncoming traffic or hazards like fires.

Other motorcycle accident steps to take include collecting evidence and driver information. Write down the other driver’s basic contact and auto insurance information. Also, write down what happened leading up to the accident. Collect evidence with:

  • Photos of your injuries and vehicle damages
  • Copies of the police report and your medical records
  • Documentation of the accident details from yourself and witnesses

Feel free to contact a Jackson accident lawyer to explore other important steps to take. A lawyer can help you figure out how much compensation you could be eligible for and how to obtain this. Your lawyer can also help you defend your claim.

Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Jackson

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