Why Male Truck Drivers Die More Than Female Drivers

Why Male Truck Drivers Die More Than Female Drivers

Commercial trucks are essential to maintaining our daily lives and these immense vehicles are all around us. If you have ever been on a highway, then there is no doubt that you have driven alongside these vehicles, and in many cases, uncomfortably close. Driving near a large truck at highway speeds can give you anxiety, and rightfully so. Truck accidents are rising throughout the country and the devastation that they inflict is substantial. When compared to other accidents between smaller vehicles, the aftermath of an accident where a commercial truck is involved is frequently catastrophic.

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Why Do Male Truckers Have a Higher Death Rate than Female Drivers?

Why Male Truck Drivers Die More Than Female DriversIn 2018, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that there were 273,602,100 registered vehicles of all types in the United States. That year, 13,233,910 of these vehicles were large trucks. This number of trucks is only growing across the country. Almost 14% of all the fatal accidents reported in 2018 had at least one large truck associated with the incident happening.

By far, men died more often in these trucking accidents than women. In fact, it is not just truck accidents that cause more death in males than females. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicates that from 1975 to 2019, men consistently died each year during this timeframe in all crashes on the road more so than women. 

The same is true for truck driver deaths when an accident happens. One of the biggest reasons that this is true is that there are simply more male truck drivers than there are females. Out of the estimated 3.5 million truck drivers that were operating their big rigs in 2021, only 20,000 were female. So, when you look at it from afar, only 5.8% of all professional truck drivers in 2021 were female while a clear majority, or 94.2%, were males.

The aftermath of a truck accident can have a myriad of negative, and devastating outcomes. Since 2009, there was a 52% increase in truck accidents across the country. Most of these events took place during the day in the mid-afternoon between 12 and 3:00 p.m. Of all the deaths that were reported from trucking accidents, 68% were occupants of smaller passenger vehicles.

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