Why Do More Mississippi Car Accidents Happen at Night?

Why Do More Mississippi Car Accidents Happen at Night?

You may have heard about more car accidents happening at night than during the day and you may have been wondering why that is. Not being able to clearly see the road is not the only reason. Several other nighttime factors play major roles in Mississippi car accidents at night. Being aware of these can help you avoid them yourself and hopefully prevent car accidents in the future. However, if you were in a car accident, do not panic. A Mississippi Auto Accident Lawyer might be able to help you attain significant compensation when the other driver was at fault.

What Makes Mississippi Night-Driving Dangerous?

Driving at night brings several things to mind like not being able to see road signs, animals crossing, or pedestrians until the last minute. While these make up a large portion of what increases the chances of Mississippi nighttime car accidents, these are not the only causes. Many other risk factors include:

  • Greater chances of coming across a drunk driver
  • Increase in drowsy drivers on the road
  • Not being able to see pedestrians crossing streets
  • Decreased ability to accurately judge distance in low-light areasWhy Do More Mississippi Car Accidents Happen at Night?

Many teenage driving accidents happen at night too with many of these accidents involving substance abuse, risky driving, and multiple passengers. A higher number of passengers has been shown in the past to be linked to an increased risk of having a car accident. This could be due to increased distraction from multiple conversations added to feeling tired after a long day.

Ways to Decrease Mississippi Nightly Car Accidents

Despite higher rates of car accidents at night, there are some ways you can decrease your chances of a nighttime car accident. Many of these Mississippi nighttime driving safety tips include compensating for poor night vision, battling fatigue, and managing darkness. The biggest one is dealing with poor vision at night.

Low light conditions have the effect of decreasing the details we can see in our environment, something that affects how we judge what we see in terms of identifying distance and size. This can easily lead to car accidents when a driver misjudges how far away another driver is from them and turns too late. Ways you can compensate for poor vision at night include:

  • Using your high beams when at all possible
  • Driving slower in ambiguous areas
  • Turning down the radio to lower distractions
  • Dimming your interior lights
  • Keeping your windshield clean

Battling fatigue may not always be possible after a long day. You may have to use caffeine or have someone go with you as a passenger to take turns driving. The best thing to do is to avoid Mississippi drowsy driving.

Auto Accident Lawyer in Mississippi

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