Why Are Underride Truck Accidents so Dangerous?

Why Are Underride Truck Accidents so Dangerous?

Why Are Underride Truck Accidents so Dangerous?Among all the different types of truck accidents, few are so dangerous as underride crashes. An “underride” refers to a specific type of crash in which a smaller vehicle strikes a commercial truck’s trailer, causing the front of the vehicle to “ride under” the truck, which often leads to the passenger cabin being crushed. We’ll quickly explain what an underride entails, how you can avoid them, and what you should do if you’re hurt in an underride truck accident in Mississippi.

The Dangers of Underrides

As mentioned prior, the core issue with underride accidents is that they involve a direct impact on the most fragile segment of the vehicle, namely the passenger cabin. Cars usually rely on their bumpers to absorb most of the force of a crash, but in an underride, the bumper hits nothing but the air underneath a truck’s trailer. Instead, the first point of impact is the front of the passenger cabin, which is little more than a flimsy frame around a windshield. This almost inevitably crushes the cabin to some extent, alongside the driver and those in the front passenger seat, which can cause death or severe injuries.

How Underrides Happen

There are two common types of underride crashes: side underrides, and rear underrides. Both are extremely dangerous, yet tend to involve very different causes of truck accidents in different areas of the road. Let’s start with rear underrides, in which a car strikes the back end of a truck’s trailer. Rear underrides usually share one of two things in common:

  • When a truck slows to a stop at an intersection, smaller vehicles may strike them from the rear if their drivers are impaired, inattentive, drowsy driving, or are simply tailgating.
  • If a truck is pulled onto the side of the road but fails to ensure that their vehicle is visible via reflective stickers, signs, and/ or lights, vehicles may strike them at full-speed, especially at night or in low-visibility conditions

Side underrides, on the other hand, involve a vehicle striking the side of a truck’s trailer, and are more likely to crush the smaller vehicle’s passenger cabin. These types of underrides usually happen in a few key ways:

  • When a truck makes a wide turn or a U-turn at an intersection, they may catch unwary drivers off guard, resulting in smaller vehicles effectively “t-boning” the truck’s trailer.
  • Even if a truck isn’t making a turn, drivers who run red lights or cut them close may strike trucks from the side, making them wholly liable for the resulting underride.

Liability for Mississippi Underride Truck Accidents

Both the trucker and the smaller vehicle that hit them can be liable in an underride truck accident, depending on the details of the case. In order to determine who’s to blame, you’ll need to talk to one of Germany Law Firm PLLC’s Mississippi truck accident attorneys. Schedule a free consultation today with one of our legal professionals by contacting us at  (601) 401-6884, and we’ll answer any questions you may have about the claims process, making it easy to secure the compensation you deserve.