Why are Insurance Adjusters so Friendly after a Crash?

Why are Insurance Adjusters so Friendly after a Crash?

After a car accident in Mississippi, victims have the ability to hold the party that caused the accident accountable for their damages. One of the things that should happen after an accident takes place is that the parties involved exchange information, including their insurance carrier. Very soon after the accident is cleared away, a victim should not be surprised when they receive a call from the other driver’s insurance company.

The insurance adjuster is going to ask questions and wants victims to talk. If you have been called by an insurance adjuster, to protect your best interests, though, it is best to let the adjuster know you are not going to discuss the accident with them until you speak with your lawyer. Retaining legal counsel after an injury accident is prudent. In Mississippi, Germany Law Firm, PLLC is a Jackson personal injury law firm that can handle the insurance adjuster on your behalf and help you with your claim.

Insurance Adjusters are Deceptive

Why are Insurance Adjusters so Friendly after a CrashRight after a crash, emotions are high and victims may feel distressed especially when they are hurt. Victims are more vulnerable during this time and insurance adjusters know that. This is why they are quick to call victims and ask them questions. Victims should know, they do not have to answer the questions, especially without an attorney present.

Adjusters will employ any tactic they can to get victims to provide them with information. This is not because the adjuster is concerned for the victim, quite the opposite. The adjuster knows that many times after a car accident that victims are not thinking clearly or at their best. As a result, they will try to maximize their ability to jeopardize a person’s pursuit of recovering compensation.

The insurance adjuster will sound incredibly friendly and act as if they care for the victim. They are trained to do this. They will come off as personable and kind so that a victim will feel more comfortable talking with them. There are only two reasons why an insurance adjuster calls a victim and talks in such a warm manner:

  1. Get a victim to say something that would undermine their injury claim.
  2. Extract information from a victim that would reduce the amount their claim is worth or use that information to deny the claim outright.

It is through their crafty behavior that insurance adjusters are often successful in getting a victim to speak to them without the protection of an attorney. When a victim lets an adjuster know they have legal counsel, though, they may hear a change in their tone and approach. This is because adjusters know that when victims are supported by a lawyer, they will not be able to get away with these dishonest attempts to devalue injury claims.

Speak to a Jackson Injury Accident Attorney

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