Why Are Accident Fatality Rates So High in Mississippi?

Why Are Accident Fatality Rates So High in Mississippi?

Despite the millions of happy citizens who live in Mississippi, the proud state has its own flaws and problems. One common issue that repeatedly comes up is the traffic accidents and fatality rates statewide. In fact, Mississippi has among the highest fatality rates for automobile accidents in the country. And unfortunately, statistics seem to point that these rates are continuing to rise.

Why is this trend ongoing in the state of Mississippi? Multiple factors play a part in these fatality rates. Some point to the very build and design of the state and its roadways. Others point to the state’s legislation and how officials regulate them. Regardless, multiple facets have led the state to this point. By understanding the common problems throughout Mississippi, we can understand the issues resulting in so many fatalities.

Rules Are Too Lax

You may know speeding is wrong, but nevertheless, you may see people speeding past you constantly. It almost feels as if speed limits hardly even exist. Even though these laws technically exist, they may not be as strictly enforced. In addition to speed limits, another common lax law is the use of mobile devices while driving.

Despite that texting and driving is illegal in Mississippi, many ignore the law anyway. This often results in distracted driving accidents, which become 23 times more likely than without a cell phone. Though police could theoretically issue citations if they detect cell phones from other drivers, it is improbable in practice.

Regulating drinking and driving also tends to be more lenient in Mississippi. While driving with a BAC over 0.08% is still illegal, Mississippi is one of the only states that allows people to drive with open alcoholic beverages.

Rules Are Not Enforced Enough

Why Are Accident Fatality Rates So High in Mississippi?

Despite the mayhem of driving distracted or under the influence, the rules are not only lax but simply not enforced regularly. Just as police officers fail to catch many speeding drivers on the road, they also overlook distracted drivers. It can be difficult to spot and track down which drivers have cell phones in their hands while at the wheel. But other times, officers might overlook one or two people texting at the wheel. Unfortunately, one distracted driver might be all it takes to cause a serious accident.

The same can happen for drunk drivers but determining drunkenness can be difficult at times. Officers might be absent from locations, thus missing drivers under the influence. However, some drivers might be able to drive surprisingly well under the influence. The police will not pull over every car to perform a breathalyzer test. They can only pull over vehicles that especially stand out.

Existing Rules Are Unenforceable

Many unfortunate situations have come to prove that sometimes, rules simply become impractical to regulate. Mississippi legislation currently stands, not enough manpower exists to catch and stop dangerous drivers. Human beings follow rules closer when they know they are being watched. For example, when you see an officer on the side of the road, you feel inclined to slow down to avoid speeding.

Without any law enforcement in sight, however, temptation entices us to push boundaries or make exceptions. Drivers might speed a little more or make that one quick text message without watchful eyes pestering them. Eventually, these small risks become habits the more drivers see these small opportunities. Realistically, the state of Mississippi should have over 600 troopers watching for these issues. But in its current state, such enforcement cannot be feasible. So how can you, the average citizen, help lower these rates? Simple: avoid breaking these types of simple rules and regulations. By playing your part as a responsible citizen and encouraging others as well, citizens can lower the odds of accidents.

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