Who Can You Sue After Surviving a Plane Crash?

Who Can You Sue After Surviving a Plane Crash?

There may be no scarier situation than to be on a flight that is having difficulties and going down. Knowing how high you are in the air and what impact may look like has to be terrifying. Yet, when looking at all the data from past plane crashes, it is possible to survive one of these traumatic events.

There are several examples of crashes where there are no fatalities. In 2018 a plane carrying 103 passengers crashed in Durango, a Mexican city. Amazingly, all 103 passengers and the entire crew escaped with their lives. Even though almost everyone had injuries, many of them were minimal.

Anything can lead to an aviation accident. Plane crashes can happen in commercial airliners, but these incidents rarely occur. Smaller private planes are where there are higher incidents of crashes taking place. Most often pilot error is to blame for a plane crash

How Can You Survive a Plane Crash?

Can You Survive a Plane CrashThere is no single action or sequence of actions that can guarantee that should a plane crash happen, you will be able to exit the wreckage with your life. Still, the encouraging news is that according to a review of crashes that occurred from 1983 through 1999 by the United States National Transportation Safety Board, your chance for survival is fairly good. 

The review showed that of all the plane crashes reported during this timeframe 95% of people aboard an airliner that crashed lived. For very serious incidents, 55% of people survived. In most cases, the chances of survival are dependant on the details of the accident such as:

  • If a fire takes place.
  • The altitude that the airplane is flying.
  • Traffic control and/or pilot errors.
  • The location of the accident.

The European Transport Safety Council also found similar results with regard to the survivability of an airplane crash. The ETSC, in a 1996 study, showed that approximately 90% of aviation accidents were technically such that the preservation of life was possible.

There is research that shows sitting in the rear might be the safest location. Other considerations that could potentially provide a bit more safety include:

  • Wear the proper passenger restraint belt when in your seat.
  • Do not wear flammable clothing on board a plane.
  • Count the number of rows so that if the light goes out you can better figure your location.

These actions may be helpful, but ultimately paying attention to the flight attendant’s safety demonstration is critically important. When a person is on their first flight, they are more likely to listen to what the flight attendants are trying to tell them. Then after that, on subsequent flights, people naturally tune out the instructions and demonstrations of the flight attendant. 

Passengers focus more on storing their luggage and personal items, getting acquainted in their seats, and allowing other distractions to keep them from absorbing what to do should an accident happen. In the event of a disaster, emotions are already high clouding one’s thinking. It can become much harder to react appropriately and safely if time was not taken to actually hear the directions from the professionals.

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