June 17, 2022

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Semi-Truck Accident?

Many people wonder how liability is determined after a semi-truck accident in Mississippi. Each state has different laws for what role fault plays in the aftermath of a car accident. Since Mississippi operates under comparative fault laws, both drivers in the accident could request compensation. If you have questions, consider talking to a Jackson 18-wheeler accident attorney about the accident.

How Liability Works with Car Accidents

The comparative negligence laws in Mississippi mean that both drivers can be held liable for a car accident. Rather than only one driver being placed at fault, comparative fault laws assign a percentage of fault. Each driver is assigned a certain percentage of fault based on negligence and damages.

Damages like car repair costs and medical bills can be matched to your percentage of fault. However, some states operate under modified comparative negligence. This assigns a percentage of fault the same way, except compensation can be limited by the percentage of fault.

One driver could be held 25% at fault while the other driver is deemed 75% at fault. This would mean that the driver who is 75% at fault could receive less compensation. In other words, the more a driver is at fault, the less compensation they might receive.

If the other driver was completely at fault for the accident, you may want to contact a Jackson accident lawyer for help. An experienced lawyer can help you defend your car accident claim to maximize your compensation. This compensation could be used to cover the damages you suffered from the accident.

Steps to Take After a Semi-Truck Accident

What truck accident steps are taken could determine whether you receive compensation or not. The most important things you want to do after a semi-truck accident are:

  • Move yourself to safety, Who Can Be Held Liable in a Semi-Truck Accident?, Germany Law Firm PLLC
  • Call 911 if anyone is injured
  • Collect the other driver’s basic contact and auto insurance information
  • Start collecting evidence by taking photos
  • Write down the details of the accident including what led to the accident

For semi-truck accidents, you will want the truck driver’s employer information. Writing down witness names and statements can also strengthen your case. The hardest next step is determining and proving negligence. You may have seen the driver texting right before the accident but proving this may not always be easy.

Submit all the information and evidence you collected to the auto insurance company. They will then process your car accident claim and may ask questions about the accident. You may want to consult with a lawyer before answering certain questions because what you say could be used against you. Talking to a lawyer can also help if your claim was wrongfully denied or delayed.

18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer in Jackson

Figuring out what to do after a major semi-truck accident can be confusing. All you have to do is contact Germany Law Firm, PLLC at (601) 487-0555 to talk to a Mississippi auto accident lawyer for a consultation today. Our experienced legal team might be able to increase your chances of being compensated for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost income.

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