When Should I Avoid Driving?

When Should I Avoid Driving?

Knowing when to avoid driving is crucial for protecting yourself from future car accidents. Avoiding certain things can also help you stay out of legal trouble associated with driving. You may have heard about some of these driving risks before while others might be new. If you were in a car accident with someone else, consider talking to a Jackson multi-vehicle accident attorney about what you can do to secure compensation.

When to Avoid Driving

There are certain situations when avoiding driving could mean avoiding a car accident. These types of situations can be thought of as driving risk factors because they significantly increase the chances of a car accident.

You may have heard that driving under the influence is dangerous, but so are drowsy driving and distracted driving. Driving under the influence does not just mean driving drunk. Other drugs and even certain medications can also impair driving and increase the risk of an accident.

One way to avoid this is to have someone else drive when you know you will be intoxicated. When it comes to medications, read the medicine label and avoid driving if you see side effects like drowsiness or dizziness. Some medications outright tell consumers not to drive.

A lack of sleep can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. Going on long drives after a night or more of no sleep is risky. Drowsy drivers have accidents when they fall asleep at the wheel or make mistakes while driving.When Should I Avoid Driving?

Driving in bad weather is something you may have to judge for yourself. The chances of a car accident increase when driving in heavy rain, sleet, ice, and snow. Your vehicle can lose traction and it can be much harder to control the steering wheel. If you have no choice but to drive, you can decrease the chances of an accident by:

  • Using your headlights
  • Keeping a greater distance from other vehicles
  • Slowing down

Times When Driving Becomes Dangerous

There are also times when driving becomes much risker in terms of accidents. The majority of fatal car accidents happen at night. These nighttime car accidents can be attributed to reasons like:

  • Limited vision
  • Increased risk of coming across drunk or reckless drivers
  • Higher chances of being around drowsy drivers

Vision plays a major role in why nighttime accidents occur. Darkness not only reduces visibility but also:

  • Slows down reaction time
  • Decreases the chances of seeing road signs and curves
  • Makes it harder to see pedestrians and swerving cars until the last minute

Try contacting a Jackson car accident lawyer if you were in a major accident with someone else. A lawyer can help you build a strong car accident claim to help cover your expenses.

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