February 27, 2022

When Car Accidents Result in Criminal and Civil Charges in Mississippi

Typically, if you are in a car accident in Mississippi, you can file a personal injury claim against the other party’s insurance for compensation. If it is clear that you were 100% liable for the accident and the other party did nothing to contribute to it, you can not obtain compensation. However if it can be shown that another party had some amount of responsibility, then you may be able to recover a bit of compensation.

In Mississippi, a comparative negligence system is used. This means that every party in an accident will be assessed for their actions and if there can be fault assigned to more than one party that will happen. For instance, if you were responsible for 80% of the accident and the other party you hit was deemed 20% responsible, then the compensation that you are awarded will be reduced by 80%.

Sometimes, though, a driver has engaged in such appalling behavior that causes a car accident, they can be held criminally responsible. In these cases, not only can a person face civil litigation, but they may also face criminal punishments too.

What Acts Could Lead to Criminal Prosecution after a Car Accident?

, When Car Accidents Result in Criminal and Civil Charges in Mississippi, Germany Law Firm PLLCExtremely unacceptable behavior that is grievous in nature which leads to an accident can put a person behind bars. The following examples are situations that could potentially lead to civil and criminal implications:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol impairs a person’s ability to safely operate a vehicle and should never happen. When a person is so inebriated that they cause a crash that has catastrophic outcomes, and even when the result is not devastating, criminal charges will take place.  This is because as a matter of fact, drunk driving is illegal. The severity of the criminal repercussions will vary based on how heinous the case is. For instance, if a drunk driver kills one or more people in a crash, they can be charged with homicide.
  • It is necessary to stay at the scene of a crash and provide aid to any injured parties and exchange information. If a driver flees an accident and especially if they leave behind injured people, criminal charges with potential jail time and fines may be imposed. If a person dies and a driver flees, the criminal consequences can be even more substantial.
  • When a person drives in a reckless manner they can also be subject to criminal charges if their careless behavior caused a crash where cataclysmic outcomes take place.

Most personal injury claims in Mississippi will have the following damages:

  • Medical expenses.
  • Property damages.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Lost wages.

Some claims can have more, such as the case when a person files a Mississippi wrongful death claim. Then damages like loss of consortium, amongst others, could be included. Rarely are punitive damages added onto a claim. Punitive damages are an extra amount of financial compensation that victims are awarded because their specific case was so shocking. It is very plausible that if punitive damages were applied to an injury or wrongful death claim that criminal charges may also be present.

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