May 9, 2022

What Types of Planes Are the Deadliest?

Aviophobia is the technical name for fear of flying and aviophobia is rampant in the population. As high as 40% of all people report that they deal with some type of anxiety when they have to fly while 60% of these people admit to generalized anxiety. A smaller, but significant portion of the population, up to 5%, have such severe feelings of anxiety that their condition is termed clinical phobia.

Anxiety and fear of flying before getting on a plane and while on a plane are understandable despite how safe commercial flying actually is. When compared to smaller, private planes, commercial planes have far fewer risks of aviation accidents happening. 

What Type of Plane is the Riskiest to Fly?

, What Types of Planes Are the Deadliest?, Germany Law Firm PLLCEven though flying is generally safe, there is nothing, including flying, that is risk-free. The most commonly reported reason for aviation accidents is pilot error. Some examples of errors a pilot may make while in flight include but are not limited to:

  • Not following proper procedures.
  • Missing a landing on a runway.
  • Navigation mistakes.
  • Landing at speeds that are far too fast.
  • Spatial disorientation.
  • Mismanagement of fuel levels.

Outside of pilot blunders, there are other elements that can also lead to an aviation crash.

  • Mechanical issues such as engine, structural, and equipment failure.
  • Inclement weather conditions like extensive turbulence, heavy rain, icing, thunderstorms, and poor visibility.
  • Violence like hijacking, getting shot down while in the air, and explosive devices.
  • Miscellaneous problems can include mistakes by ground crew, maintenance negligence, fuel contamination, colliding with birds, or cargo that is not loaded correctly.

There are three categories of aviation modes that can be used to fly. These are:

  1. Commercial airliners, schedule 121, or scheduled air carriers.
  2. Commuter planes, schedule 135, which would encompass corporate carriers, governmental airliners, and helicopters.
  3. General aviation, schedule 91, has broad versatility containing recreational flying, business aviation, pilot training, emergency medical services, search and rescue, and much more.

Out of all these three modes of flying, when you step onto a commercial airliner you are far safer from a fatal crash than commuter planes and general aviation flights. The rate of fatalities per million flight hours on a major commercial airliner is .00597. 

Commuter planes are not as safe as commercial airliners but they are less risky than general aviation. The rate of fatalities per million flight hours for a commuter plane is 6.10. 

When commuter flying is compared to general aviation, general aviation has a much higher possibility of death from a crash. General aviation flights have almost double the rate of fatal accidents happening than commuter flights. The rate of fatalities per million flight hours for general aviation flying is 11.

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