What to Do After a Car Accident at Night

What to Do After a Car Accident at Night

Car accidents at night come with unique dangers that many other accidents do not. Darkness creates a variety of other problems and hazards that car accidents during the day do not come with. Knowing what to do after a nighttime car accident can be extremely helpful for avoiding mistakes and keeping yourself protected. Reach out to a Jackson multi-vehicle accident lawyer to explore how much compensation you could be eligible for.

How Common Are Car Accidents at Night?

All drivers are at risk when driving at night because of compromised vision. Darkness prevents drivers from being able to judge distance and reduces the amount of time for corrective driving behaviors.

However, younger and inexperienced drivers along with older drivers with increasing vision problems are more likely to find themselves in nighttime car accidents. In 2019, around 18% of teen car accidents happened between nine at night and midnight. Older drivers may be at greater risk due to:

  • Decreased reaction time with age
  • Slower reflexes
  • Vision problems that come naturally with age
  • Difficulties caused by cataracts

What to Do After a Car Accident at Night

The rate of teen car accidents at night is so high, that some policies require teen drivers to do 10 or more hours of supervised driving at night. They must do this to qualify for their driver’s license. This is thought to help teenagers become accustomed to driving at night with hopes of reducing the amount of nighttime accidents.

Vital Steps After a Nighttime Car Accident

Knowing what to do after a car accident at night can be extremely helpful for a number of reasons. You will be more prepared, be able to avoid potential hazards, and will avoid mistakes that could lead to financial or legal trouble. The most important car accident steps to take are:

  • Calling 911 if anyone is injured
  • Make sure the police come if property damages or injuries have occurred
  • Collecting information from the other driver
  • Writing down what happened and relevant details

Since drivers have a harder time seeing at night and judging distance, you will also want to make yourself visible. Not making yourself or the accident site visible could lead to additional accidents and injuries. Put reflective signs up if you have them and if not, find anything with light or use reflective material. You can even use your phone to warn drivers to slow down.

Move yourself and anyone you can without injuring them away from the road. Not every driver will see the crash site and could run into someone on the road. Try contacting a Jackson car accident lawyer to see what other steps you should take. Your lawyer will be able to walk you through the claims process.

Multi-Vehicle Accident Attorney in Jackson

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