What Should You Do after a Medication Error?

What Should You Do after a Medication Error?

When you go to the doctor for treatment for any type of ailment your doctor may prescribe you a prescription drug to help you manage your condition. This is common practice. When your doctor examines you and determines what medicine will help, the doctor must also consider other medications you are taking and your overall health so that what they prescribe is safe for you to take.

If a person is prescribed a drug that is incorrect for their condition or could pose a health threat because of a person’s medical history, the person can sustain serious injuries. In some cases, the wrong prescription can lead to death.

If you or a loved one was incorrectly prescribed a prescription that caused your harm or lead to death in Mississippi, Bob Germany is a Jackson wrongful death attorney that can assist you with a claim for compensation.

How Can Incorrect Perscriptions Happen?

What Should You Do after a Medication ErrorThere are many ways that a person may walk away from a doctor’s office or a pharmacy with the wrong prescription medication. Some situations where a person may be in possession of the wrong medication include:

  • Misdiagnosis of a condition and prescribing medication for something that is not present.
  • Incorrectly prescribing a prescription because a doctor did not take the time to fully understand a patient’s medical history and take a full account of other medications that the patient is taking.
  • A prescription that is too strong for a patient, such as an incorrect dosage.
  • A prescription for a medication with incorrect guidance on how to take it. For example, it may be instructed to take medication more often than necessary, or not often enough.
  • A pharmacy making an error by not filling the right prescription.

Because most patients do not have medical degrees, often what is prescribed to them by their doctor is easily accepted without question. It is good practice to always check the medication you pick up from the pharmacy to ensure it is what your doctor ordered. If you see a discrepancy you can easily address it and save yourself from potential harm.

Not every situation is as easy as noticing a pharmacy mistake. There is a reason that some medications require a doctor’s examination and professional prescription to obtain. Incorrect prescriptions can be extremely harmful to a person. 

If you believe that your prescription caused your harm it could be because it was a defective pharmaceutical product or because of a mistake on the part of your medical provider. 

For residents of the greater Jackson area, the Jackson medical malpractice law firm, Germany Law Firm, PLLC can provide legal guidance and counsel for filing a claim.

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