What Should I do While My Injury Claim is Being Negotiated?

What Should I do While My Injury Claim is Being Negotiated?

Sometimes, when a person files a personal injury claim against the negligent party that caused their injury accident coming to an agreeable settlement amount is not difficult. Seeing eye-to-eye on financial compensation with the insurance adjuster can happen without too much fanfare and rather quickly. This is the least stressful situation that can come about for victims who suffered harm by the reckless actions of others. 

Given this, not all personal injury claims are the same and there are many challenges that may develop and cause a claim to lag on. Personal injury claims that take a long time to come to a resolution can cause additional distress to victims that are already suffering from physical bodily harm.

What Should Victims do While Their Injury Claim is Active?

When a victim of an injury accident secures legal counsel to help them with their claim, their attorney is going to be reviewing all information and details of their injury accident. Then, their attorney will be gathering as much evidence as possible to document how the incident happened and to show that the party whom the claim was filed against was negligent and responsible for paying for their client’s damages. Also, a victim’s attorney will be assessing a fair value for those damages. 

What Should You Do While Your Injury Claim is Being Negotiated

The information that is compiled will be presented to the insurance adjuster. The insurance adjuster will also look at the events of the incident and come up with their own estimate of what the claim is worth. The insurance adjuster’s value will more than likely be much lower than what a victim’s attorney determines is just. Negotiations will then take place to come to an agreeable outcome with a victim’s attorney fighting to ensure that the end result is in the best interest of their client.

Do All Personal Injury Claims Go to Court?

While the majority of personal injury claims do not make it all the way to the court for litigation, some do. If an agreement cannot be made between a victim’s legal counsel and the insurance company, then the victim has the option of filing a lawsuit to get the financial compensation they need for their damages. If a civil suit is filed, this can drastically increase the amount of time it will take for a victim to be awarded monetary compensation for their damages.

During the whole injury claims process, it can be very unsettling and taxing for a victim who is also trying to heal from their injuries. At the Germany Law Firm, PLLC, Bob Germany is a Jackson personal injury attorney who understands how important it is to obtain the most compensation for victims in the least amount of time. It is always the goal of the Germany Law Firm, PLLC to secure as much compensation as possible as quickly as possible for victims. 

While the Germany Law Firm, PLLC is managing your claim, it is best to be patient and follow your doctor’s orders so you can effectively recover from your injuries. Also, keep detailed documentation of all of your doctors’ appointments, your medical bills, the wages you are missing from time away from work, and any supporting information that can strengthen your claim. Claims that have ample supporting documentation can lead to a resolution that happens faster than those that do not.

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