What Makes a Medical Device Defective?

What Makes a Medical Device Defective?

If you used a medical device and were harmed by it you may have a case for compensation. Defective medical devices can cause substantial harm. Patients use medical devices as prescribed by their doctor to help them with a disease or other ailment. While these devices work much of the time, there are instances where they do not. When this happens physical bodily harm and even death can result.

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In What Ways Can a Medical Device be Defective?

How Can a Medical Device be DefectiveDuring the last decade alone, it has been estimated that more than 1.7 million people were injured from defective medical devices in the United States. During this time, 83,000 people died from these medical gear issues.

While most people believe that there is intensive clinical testing before a medical device is put on the market, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many devices do not have exhaustive clinical testing done before they are approved to be used by the public. Shockingly, there are also times when a medical device manufacturer knows that there are issues with a product but submits it to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration anyway and simply doesn’t inform the FDA of the problem.

Manufacturers want to increase their profits and if they can move along their products faster they will take action to do so. This means that even if a product is not entirely safe, a manufacturer may still try to push their product through the process so it can make it to market sooner. When this rush to get out to the public happens, and sufficient testing was not done or problems with a medical device are not addressed the public is put at great harm if they use the device.

Flawed medical devices can come about in many ways including:

  • The device had a poor design that made it unsafe for public consumption. 
  • The way the device was manufactured or put together was done improperly and because of this some of the devices that are set out to market are faulty. Unsound devices can be a great danger to the public.
  • The marketing of a product was inaccurate. If a user manual, instructions, warnings, or other information about the device is incorrect, the device may be used improperly and cause harm.

Some of the most common defective medical devices include:

  • Pacemakers.
  • Heart valve devices.
  • Breast implants.
  • Devices that are not properly sterilized.
  • Hip and knee replacement parts.

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