What is the Discovery Process Like in a Mississippi Car Accident Case?

What is the Discovery Process Like in a Mississippi Car Accident Case?

When Mississippi car accident claims are rejected by the auto insurance company or you are not offered enough compensation, you have the option to file an initial complaint to resolve this. However, when negotiations with the insurance company fail, you only have so many options left. A car accident case like this may lead to a discovery process when each side looks at each other for evidence and consistency. If you have concerns about this process, then consider asking a Mississippi Auto Accident Lawyer for help.

When Does Discovery Happen with Mississippi Car Accidents?

Before the discovery process even happens, a few things have to lead up to this. For one, most car accident claims start with the initial filing of your Mississippi car accident claim with the auto insurance company. This should include as much car accident evidence as you can find like pictures, witness statements, police reports, and your medical records. Missing some of these essential elements might delay your claim or lead to rejection.

However, if your claim was rejected despite you submitting all of this evidence, you can ask the insurance agent what else they need to prove your claim. If after submitting this additional information your claim is still rejected, then you may want to talk with a lawyer about filing an initial complaint against the insurance company. Lawyers can save you so much time by writing the initial complaint themselves or by negotiating directly with the insurance agent on your behalf.

In some cases, a fair settlement is worked out right then and there without the need for a lengthy Mississippi personal injury trial. When the insurance company will not budge, the next step is a summons to court after which the discovery process begins.

What Does Discovery Involve for Mississippi Car Accident Cases?

When it comes to trials, the Mississippi car accident discovery process looks like a lot of exchanging and presenting of information. This information ranges from simple documents to testimonies in court. Subpoenaing is the process of mandating each party to show certain documents to the judge like:

  • Receipts (i.e. car repairs, medications for injuries)
  • Police reports
  • Medical records
  • Books
  • Video footage
  • Pictures (i.e. your injuries, vehicle damages)

Some discovery procedures require the other person to undergo a physical examination. Other situations may involve interrogatories, questions that must be answered in court. Depositions work similarly except they ask questions to witnesses of the accident. Cross-examination of these depositions is what reveals lies or exaggerated statements. What is the Discovery Process Like in a Mississippi Car Accident Case?

Auto Accident Lawyer in Mississippi

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