November 18, 2021

What Is Expected of a Mental Health Hospital?

According to Mental Health America, seeking treatment in a mental health hospital to manage mental illness is very common. In most cases, a person cannot be admitted to a mental health hospital without their own permission. Sometimes, though, when a person is considered to be at a very high risk of hurting themselves or others, they may have to spend some time getting treatment without their consent.

In Mississippi, a person may be ordered to go to a state behavioral health program through a legal process known as commitment. Here, one party can file an affidavit with their local Chancery Clerk office, and then it will be up to a judge to determine if the evidence is sufficient enough to show that the individual in question should be treated.

Common Reasons People Check Into Mental Health Hospitals

, What Is Expected of a Mental Health Hospital?, Germany Law Firm PLLCThere are many reasons why a person may go into a mental health hospital for treatment including:

  • When mental health issues peak and a person feels uneasy and unable to control themselves, they may check in for monitoring. This can be helpful for people that could be a threat to themselves as well as others.
  • To take a break from life stresses. By checking in for a short period of time, a person can put a pause on life for a brief moment to readjust their mental clarity.
  • When a person has to manage multiple medical specialists, treatments, and medications, it can be overwhelming to keep it all going. In a mental health hospital, all of these services and providers are present. This makes checking in for a day a simple one-stop-shop to get the care needed for resuming everyday life.

Mental health hospitals offer patients critical support services that can help them manage their condition and be active participants in their own life. 

Mental health hospitals, like other health and wellness facilities, have a duty to provide reasonable care to and take care of their patients. If the hospital fails in its duty to care for its patients by not performing the same way that other medical professionals would, they can be held liable for harm that a patient suffers. 

For example, if a person checks into a mental health hospital, they should be monitored regularly. There are many red flags that can show a patient is in distress including:

These are just some illustrations of what a provider may notice that would change the way that they treat a patient. However, if the correct action is not taken due to negligence, and a patient sustains harm, it could be possible to file a medical malpractice suit. For instance, potentially a door to a room a patient was staying in should have been locked and it wasn’t. Or, a patient was not being actively monitored as much as they should have been to prevent their injury incident from taking place.

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