What is An Aviation Accident Report?

What is An Aviation Accident Report?

An aviation accident report is something that must be filed when certain conditions are met. Knowing when you are required to file an aviation accident report is vital for protecting yourself from legal and financial problems. Filing a report is not difficult and only requires a few details about the accident. The hard part is filing an aviation accident claim for compensation. In the state of Mississippi, be sure to talk to a Jackson aviation accident attorney to learn more.

When to File an Aviation Accident Report

You may not always have to file an aviation accident report when the accident was not severe. However, you should always consider calling an aviation accident lawyer if What is An Aviation Accident Report?you are not sure. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Field Office is where you will file your report and defines aircraft accidents as including a serious injury or substantial damage.

Being aware of the specific definitions of serious injury and substantial damage is vital. These will help you decide whether to file an aviation accident report. The NTSB defines a serious injury as any injury that involves 48-hour hospitalization, hemorrhages, bone fractures, internal injuries, second-degree or higher burns, and soft tissue injuries. Nerve damage also counts.

Substantial damage refers to any physical damages to your aircraft. These damages must be severe enough to impact your aircraft’s:

  • Performance
  • Flight patterns
  • Structural strength

Many people misunderstand substantial damages. These damages do not include things like engine problems, propeller blade damages, landing gear issues, or small dents and holes in the aircraft skin. Fires in or outside the aircraft, collisions with other aircraft, and flight system failure should be reported. So should damage to other property that goes past $25,000 in damages.

What Should be in the Aviation Accident Report?

Your aviation accident report contents should include basic information about yourself and your aircraft. Details about the accident should also be included like any property damages and potential causes of the accident. These forms can often be found online and submitted to your local NTSB office.

The first basic information you should include is the date, time estimate, location, and who was involved in the accident. Include the name of the aircraft owner, aircraft registration marks, and the name of the pilot-in-command. Also, put in the number of passengers including the numbers of people injured or killed. Explain why the accident happened and what led up to the incident that resulted in the accident. Do not leave any details and be sure to explain anything related to:

  • Bad weather
  • Aircraft malfunctions
  • User errors
  • Damages to your aircraft that are relevant
  • Any suspected negligence
  • Your destination that day and where you came from

Aviation Accident Attorney in Mississippi

Dealing with the aftermath of a major aircraft accident can be overwhelming at times. Contact Germany Law Firm, PLLC today by dialing (607) 487-0555 to consult with a Gulfport aviation accident lawyer about your case. Our legal team of Mississippi aviation accident attorneys can help you obtain significant compensation for your injuries and other damages. We have served clients for years throughout Jackson, Madison, Gulfport, Oxford, and other cities in Mississippi.