January 31, 2022

What If I Was in a Car Accident with Multiple Drivers?

Being involved in a car accident with one driver is bad enough, but a car accident with multiple drivers can be downright confusing. Not only do you have to worry about two different drivers and potential passengers, but you may have to worry about multiple lawsuits. Being threatened with a lawsuit can be scary but you may not have to face this alone. Hiring an experienced Jackson multi-vehicle accident lawyer can help you figure out your options.

What to Do After an Accident with Multiple Drivers

One of the first car accident steps you should take after an accident with multiple drivers is to escape potential harm. So many things can pose hazards in a car accident with more than two drivers. Fires, corrosive chemicals, exposed wires, broken glass, and twisted metal can all result in worse injuries.

So can oncoming traffic. This is why it is essential to move out of your vehicle and away from oncoming traffic. However, you may not wish to do this if your injuries are too severe. Moving with severe injuries may inflict more damage to your body. In this case, call 911 and if you cannot do this, yell out for help.

, What If I Was in a Car Accident with Multiple Drivers?, Germany Law Firm PLLC

Helping other injured drivers and passengers is important in an emergency but be cautious about this. It is important to ask the person if they want help first. Otherwise, legal issues may arise for you later. In any case, do the best you can given your circumstances without causing further harm to the other person.

When things have calmed down, be sure to write down all other driver names, contact information, and auto insurance information. If you have not already called 911, call for the police. You will need a police report copy for your accident claim.

Lastly, take pictures of all damages, including your injuries. Doing this will give you sufficient evidence for your claim.

Avoid These Common Mistakes After a Car Accident

There are several mistakes people can make without realizing it after they have been involved in a crash. For one, try not to talk about the car accident with the other drivers and passengers. Your words can be twisted and used against you. Even a simple apology, if interpreted the wrong way, could be used as an admission of guilt against you.

Do not sign release forms or checks without consulting with a lawyer or unless you know what you are signing. Some people unknowingly sign their rights to compensation away. Avoid accepting the first settlement. Your case could warrant additional compensation.

Consider contacting a Jackson car accident lawyer for assistance. A lawyer can help you navigate this tricky situation and escape potential lawsuits filed against you. Your lawyer can also help you maximize your compensation.

Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Jackson

Dealing with multiple drivers after a car accident can be overwhelming. All you have to do is call the Germany Law Firm, PLLC today at (607) 487-0555 to speak with a Mississippi auto accident attorney for a consultation. Our lawyers might be able to help you defend yourself against multiple lawsuits and obtain significant compensation. We are located in Jackson, Madison, Gulfport, Oxford, and other cities in Mississippi.

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