November 30, 2021

What Happens When the Brain is Starved of Oxygen?

Oxygen is a chemical element that is necessary for humans to live and thrive. The absence of oxygen makes human life impossible. The body requires oxygen to function and the brain in specific will not operate properly if it does not have an adequate supply of oxygen.

Traumatic brain injuries take place when the brain tissue is damaged. The severity of the brain damage will dictate the symptoms that a person may suffer. While the most common cause of traumatic brain injury is often thought to be a forceful impact, this is not always the situation. Other circumstances can also lead to damage to the brain tissues and cause debilitating if not deadly results.

How Important is Oxygen for the Brain?

, What Happens When the Brain is Starved of Oxygen?, Germany Law Firm PLLCThe highly complicated and complex human nervous system can not perform without an immense amount of blood, oxygen, and energy consumption. If the brain slams into the skull as is the case when force or compression takes place it is going to sustain some amount of damage. Often, the leading cause of a TBI is some amount of impact. But there are other ways that brain tissue can be vulnerable to damage.

The brain needs a constant supply of oxygen and insufficient oxygen delivery not only impairs the brain’s ability to function but also can deteriorate the brain tissue. Major injuries, debilitation, and death may result when the brain is deficient in the oxygen it needs.

Lack of oxygen can come as a result of either hypoxia or anoxia. When hypoxia happens, the brain is getting some oxygen but not enough. When anoxia exists, the brain is completely cut off from receiving oxygen. In both situations, when a person suffers anoxia or hypoxia, brain tissue dies and negative health outcomes can result. It does not take long for brain cells to diminish in the absence of oxygen. In just minutes without oxygen brain cells will begin to expire. If not addressed the following can take place:

  • A person can go into a deep coma.
  • The brain can be so damaged, the trauma is permanent with no ability to reverse or recover.
  • Death.

Brain damage from a lack of oxygen can come as a result of several situations. Some of these are:

  • Issues with the administration of anesthesia.
  • When a person suffers a stroke.
  • When a person has a heart attack.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • After a near-drowning incident.

There are many instances when a person who has suffered brain damage from lack of oxygen or complete depletion of oxygen can be compensated for their harm. From medical expenses to pain and suffering, victims who suffered brain injuries may be able to obtain financial compensation specifically if their damages were a result of another party’s negligence. For individuals living in Mississippi, Germany Law Firm, PLLC is a Jackson personal injury law firm that can help with the personal injury claim process.

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