October 16, 2021

What Happens If Your Mississippi Police Report is Incorrect After a Car Accident?

After most car crashes in Mississippi, the police are called to the scene. It is wise to call 9-1-1 after an accident to have officers come out and get a handle on the situation. Also, should injuries or death result, having medical personnel come is necessary to help get medical aid to parties that need it.

The scene of a Mississippi crash can be quite chaotic. When the police arrive, they have a lot of work to do. The police must look over everything, they may speak to witnesses and the parties involved, and they may have to secure the scene to keep traffic flowing and people safe. They will then write a report of what they believe caused the accident with all of the information that they gather. A common concern that victims of car accidents in Jackson have is what was written in the police report. This is especially true if an officer didn’t take down their statement or ask them about what happened.

How Important Are Mississippi Police Reports to Victims of Car Accidents?

, What Happens If Your Mississippi Police Report is Incorrect After a Car Accident?, Germany Law Firm PLLCThe importance of the police report really depends on where it is being used. Police reports often do not get all of the details correct. This is mainly why when a personal injury case goes to court, the police report is generally not able to be used as evidence during the court proceedings. 

The majority of car accident claims in Jackson do not go to court. And because of this, it is a regular tactic for insurance companies to devalue and deny claims against them by using police reports. This is especially true when the report favors their side. So if settling out of court looks like it will take place, a police report may be used by either side, the defendant or the plaintiff, when it benefits them. 

To offset a report that may be inaccurate, filing a Mississippi lawsuit so that the police can be deposed can clear things up. During a deposition, your Mississippi car accident attorney can ask tactical questions of the officer that wrote the report to extract the information necessary to clarify the inconsistencies.

Bob Germany is a Jackson car accident attorney who knows how to handle the most complicated and in-depth Mississippi personal injury cases. With more than four decades of experience, Bob Germany can help get the best possible outcome even when an initial police report is less than precise. Working with the right attorney who has the background and a proven track record of success is the best way to get results and the most compensation in a personal injury claim.

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Only about 5% of all personal injury claims actually make it as far as court. Most cases will agree on a settlement before a court date must be set. Because of this, a police report can be a valuable piece of information for you or it can unfairly be used against you. Having the very best legal representation can improve your chances of getting the outcome you deserve. Call the Mississippi personal injury attorneys at Germany Law Firm, PLLC today to schedule a free consultation at (601) 487-0555.

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