What Causes Mississippi Car Accident Fires?

What Causes Mississippi Car Accident Fires?

Car fires are terrifying when you find yourself trapped in your car after a major Mississippi car accident. Part of protecting yourself in a situation like this involves being aware of possible sources of the fire and ways to escape your vehicle. There have been several reports and studies over the years that have figured out the most common causes of car fires and where the fires tend to spread the most. Consider asking a Mississippi Auto Accident Lawyer for help if you suffered burn injuries in a car accident caused by a careless driver.

Top Causes of Mississippi Car Accident Fires

The good news is that Mississippi car fire causes happen less so in car accidents and more so with mechanical errors. This means the chances of dealing with fire after a car accident are less common than many people thought. To give you an idea, around 5% of car fires happen after a car accident while nearly 7% of these fires happen because of smoking in the car or the use of other open flames in the car.

Faulty vehicle parts like the engine or other powered equipment can lead to fires in your car when sparks or electricity surges ignite flammable vehicle components. These fires can begin in the hood of your car, the trunk, or passenger seat depending on the underlying cause. Most vehicle fires start in the engine, wheels, or drivetrain. Being aware of vehicle part malfunctions like Mississippi faulty brakes may aid your accident claim.

Where Do Mississippi Car Fires Happen the Most?

What Causes Mississippi Car Accident Fires?

In terms of location, the majority of Mississippi vehicle fires happen on a major highway followed by residential roads and parking lots. Major highways often involve collisions at higher speeds, which may increase the risk of a vehicle fire. Within the vehicle itself, most car fires begin in the engine and wheel mechanical areas. The next most common places for vehicle fires to start are in the:

  • Passenger area
  • Trunk
  • Car exterior
  • Exposed vehicle areas
  • Fuel line

Surprisingly, the fuel lines are where vehicle fires start the least. However, some of the leading causes of such fires are mechanical malfunctions in the car associated with electrical problems. Large truck fires tend to be more common than fires in other vehicles with large truck collisions resulting in 79% of deaths by car accident fires.

Older vehicles are at a greater risk for vehicle fires. This is likely due to the fact that older vehicles that are not well maintained are more likely to have internal parts that are worn and on the brink of mechanical or electrical errors. Electrical errors tend to be more common and caused by old exposed wires that can ignite nearby vehicle parts.

Auto Accident Lawyer in Mississippi

Dealing with the aftermath of a violent car accident can be one of the hardest ordeals to go through when other people are involved. Feel free to call the Germany Law Firm, PLLC at (607) 487-0555 to talk to a Jackson Multi-Vehicle Accident Attorney for a consultation today. Our Mississippi car accident lawyers could potentially help you seek compensation for any medical bills, psychological distress, and wage losses caused by the car accident.