What are the Top Causes of Aviation Accidents in the State of Mississippi?

What are the Top Causes of Aviation Accidents in the State of Mississippi?

Plane crashes do not happen as often as car accidents, but the aftermath of an aviation accident in Mississippi, like anywhere else, can produce devastating results. It is an unfortunate fact that oftentimes, these types of accidents are the reason for substantial physical bodily harm and death.

In many cases, those who suffer due to a plane crash had absolutely no control over the accident and were not at fault in any way. It is important to know that if you have suffered because of an aviation accident in Mississippi, you may be able to obtain compensation. Germany Law Firm is a Jackson aviation accident injury firm that can review your case and determine its value as well as who is responsible for your suffering.

How Do Aviation Accidents Happen in Mississippi?

What Causes Mississippi Aviation Accidents?It is not uncommon for an investigation into what caused a plane crash to take a very long time before reaching a conclusion. For the most part, there are some very common reasons that aviation accidents happen. These include:

  • Even trained and experienced pilots can make misjudgments and errors that lead to a plane crash. Out of all of the reported aviation accidents that take place, errors made by pilots are behind at least half of all aviation accidents.
  • The plane could have a defect or one of its systems fail. Issues with the plane can be a result of problems during manufacturing, not keeping up on maintenance, poor servicing, parts that wear out over time, or replacement parts that were not properly installed.
  • Inclement weather that reduces visibility can make operating an aircraft very difficult. This is specifically true when a plane takes flight and when it lands. If the weather is not cooperating and fast-moving winds or a heavy fog sets in, there is a high potential of a serious crash taking place.
  • Air traffic controllers are essential to pilots. The information that they supply a pilot, managing planes in the air, and keeping them organized is a big job. If an air traffic controller makes a mistake there could be massive destruction that results.

Another potential reason for a crash happening includes a broken and hazardous runway. Even birds can get caught up in a plane and cause serious issues. 

Plane accidents are incredibly scary. When compared to traffic accidents, plane accidents are extremely uncommon. Though, being afraid to drive in a car is not a widespread concern. The yearly risk of dying in a car crash in the United States is approximately one in 5,000. Despite the reality that Americans have a very low risk of being killed in a plane crash, approximately one in 11 million, flying is still one of the leading fears among the population.

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If you lost a loved one in an aviation accident in the state of Mississippi, you are undoubtedly going through a very distressing and emotional time in your life. Money won’t take away the pain but it will help you pay for costs you incurred as a result of your loss. Those who were injured in a Mississippi plane crash may be compensated for their harm, but only by reaching out to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Call the Jackson aviation accident attorney at the Germany Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation at (601) 487-0555.