March 4, 2022

What Are the Symptoms of a Serious Brain Injury?

Serious brain injuries may not only be life-threatening, but they can also lead to lifelong impairments. Recognizing symptoms of a serious brain injury is so important for avoiding some of these consequences. Some brain injuries can be prevented from worsening the faster medical attention is given. If you suffered a brain injury because of someone else, talk to a Jackson brain injury lawyer about your legal options and your right to compensation.

Symptoms of a Serious Brain Injury?

Brain injuries can sometimes go undetected at first. This is especially common after car accidents when people attribute dizziness and headaches to the rush of the accident. In reality, dizziness and similar symptoms could be an indication of a serious brain injury.

Knowing when you need to seek medical attention might be all it takes to prevent further brain damage or death. The most common serious brain injury symptoms are:

  • Passing out for several hours
  • Nausea with vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Dilated pupils
  • Clear fluids from your nose
  • Numb or weak sensations in your fingers or toes
  • Difficulty walking or maintaining balance

, What Are the Symptoms of a Serious Brain Injury?, Germany Law Firm PLLC

If you have a headache that worsens instead of improves, this could be a sign of something more serious. Uncontrolled brain bleeding can be deadly if left untreated. So can brain swelling because if too much pressure is put on the brain, severe damage can occur.

Also, look for psychological symptoms. Many people with serious brain injuries will act as if they are drunk. They will slur their words, act unusually aggressive, and may seem confused. Memory loss can be a big sign of a brain injury. In other words, if something feels off after you hit your head, the best bet is to see your doctor.

When Can I Sue for a Brain Injury?

You might be able to sue for a brain injury if someone else was partially at fault for your injury. Car accidents, workplace accidents, and serious falls are common examples of situations like this. In the case of a car or workplace accident, you would file a personal injury claim against the other person.

This requires proving that the other person acted negligently. Whether they committed a negligent act or failed to act, you could sue if this caused your brain injury. The hard part is finding evidence of negligence and connecting this to your injury.

Suing could grant you compensation for damages like:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Depending on the severity of your brain damage, you might be able to sue for additional compensation. All you have to do is contact a Jackson brain injury lawyer to learn more. A lawyer can take care of the tedious parts of the lawsuit for you.

Brain Injury Lawyer in Jackson

Going through all the major changes that come with a serious brain injury can be disheartening. You can call Germany Law Firm, PLLC by dialing (607) 487-0555 to speak with a Mississippi personal injury attorney for a consultation today. Our team of lawyers can help you seek additional compensation for your future medical bills, loss of enjoyment, and lost earning capacity.

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