What Are the Most Commonly Injured Parts of the Spine?

What Are the Most Commonly Injured Parts of the Spine?

Suffering a spinal cord injury can have major effects on a person’s life. The most severe spinal cord injuries can leave a person fully depending on their family for self-care. However, the level of self-care needed depends highly on the areas where the spine was damaged. Being aware of the most commonly injured parts of the spine might help you prepare for your future. Do not hesitate to ask a Mississippi spinal cord injury lawyer for help if your injury was caused by negligence.

Most Commonly Injured Parts of Spine

Some of the most common spine injuries involve the cervical level, thoracic level, and lumbar regions. Cervical injuries tend to make up 50% of spine injuries followed by 35%being thoracic injuries and 11% involving lumbar regions. Almost all spine injuries, up to 90%, are caused by major accidents involving car crashes, falls, and sports.

A cervical level spine injury is considered the most severe type of spinal cord injury. This type of injury can result in permanent paralysis below the neck, a complete loss of movement and sensation. In some cases, cervical spine injuries can result in death. Many people who survive cervical spine injuries require assistive devices to help them breathe.

Thoracic spine injuries can either involve paralysis below the chest or below the stomach areas. Paralysis below the chest tends to affect the lungs and abdominal muscles, often resulting in difficulty breathing. Whereas, paralysis below the stomach areas usually does not affect breathing but can affect posture and balance.

What Are the Most Commonly Injured Parts of the Spine?

Lumbar region spinal injuries impact the waist downward. However, certain lumbar injuries may not always remove all of your abilities to walk. Some people with lumbar spine injuries can still walk but may need assistance. Bladder and bowel controls are also affected.

Know When to Seek Medical Attention

It is vital to know when you need emergency medical attention for a spinal cord injury. Whether your injury was caused by a car or workplace accident, knowing the symptoms can help you know when to call 911. The most common spinal cord injury symptoms include:

Pain or stinging sensations in your neck or back

  • Difficult walking
  • Loss of movement and sensation in certain body parts
  • Lost bladder or bowel control
  • Muscle spasms
  • Finding it hard to breathe
  • Sense of weakness or numbness
  • Unable to balance yourself when walking

Spinal cord injury symptoms should be managed by a healthcare professional. Calling paramedics as soon as you think you have a spinal injury is vital. Be sure to avoid moving your neck and back while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

If your injury was caused by negligence, then consider contacting a Jackson spinal cord injury lawyer to explore your legal options.

Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in Mississippi

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