What Are the Four Blind Spots of an 18-Wheeler?

What Are the Four Blind Spots of an 18-Wheeler?

An accident with an 18-wheeler can be devastating for everyone involved. Many of these accidents happen when a driver fails to notice another driver in a blind spot. Large 18-wheeler trucks have four large blind spots that can make knowing where other drivers are difficult. If your accident was caused by a negligent driver, you might be able to sue for significant compensation. All you have to do is talk to a Jackson 18-wheeler accident attorney to figure out what this requires.

Large Truck Blind Spots

There are four major large truck blind spots to be aware of. Learning about these is not only helpful for large truck drivers but also for other drivers. Knowing where you are invisible to large truck drivers can help you avoid those areas to hopefully avoid an accident.

The largest blind spots are on the left and right sides of the large truck. Since large trucks are higher off the ground and carry large bulks, the blind spots on their sides What Are the Four Blind Spots of an 18-Wheeler?are larger. These side blind spots go from the front of the bulk they are carrying and far past the back of this bulk. Larger bulk sizes mean larger blind spots.

As a result, large trucks have a small window to see where cars are directly behind them. Vehicles a greater distance behind a large truck are more likely to fall into the back blind spot. This is because large trucks are raised higher above the ground, limiting what they can see in the back window.

Lastly, large trucks have a blind spot in the front for vehicles in the very front and on both sides of the front. The large size of the front section of a large truck is what can create these front blind spots.

All of this becomes further complicated by the fact that large truck drivers may not always check their blind spots. They may also make a mistake when doing so.

How to Avoid Being in Blind Spots

Knowing where a large truck’s blind spots are is the first step to avoiding them. Other ways to avoid blind spots for large trucks include:

  • Wait for large trucks to turn before pulling up beside them or passing them
  • Double-check your own blind spots
  • Avoid driving too long on either side of a large truck
  • When passing a large truck, try to move over when you have extra room in front of the truck

Do not panic if you find yourself in an accident with a large truck. You have options. Start by contacting a Jackson auto accident lawyer to explore ways you can seek compensation for your damages.

18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer in Jackson

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