January 2, 2022

What are some Distractions Designated Drivers Face?

Drunk driving is a serious and widespread issue in the United States. Each day 28 people will lose their lives across the country from a drunk driving incident. That is a death every 52 minutes from a drunk driving crash. When a person dies in a drunk driving crash, it is always a tragedy, specifically because the loss of life was preventable.

When going out to enjoy a few drinks, it is recommended to refrain from getting behind the wheel. It is also illegal in all states throughout the country to drive drunk. If a driver has a blood alcohol concentration of .08 this is considered legally drunk and therefore criminal to be driving. Calling a ride share service or taxi, taking public transportation, or using a designated driver are safe and lawful alternatives to drunk driving.

What Challenges Can a Designated Driver Encounter?

It is an admirable thing to volunteer to be the designated driver and help transport loved ones safely to and from various events and locations. Doing so not only keeps your close friends and family safer from harm on the road, but it can also keep others drivers and pedestrians safer too. Yet, being a designated driver and carefully operating a motor vehicle is not always an easy task.

, What are some Distractions Designated Drivers Face?, Germany Law Firm PLLC

When people drink, their behavior can change and so can their actions. The way that an inebriated person acts can be highly unpredictable and even unstable. The more alcohol that a person ingests the more vulnerable they are to be rowdy and engage in erratic behavior.

Because of this, drunk car passengers can be very distracting for a driver. They may also be uncooperative and unruly. For example, they may not stay seated with their seatbelt on. This can make it quite difficult for the driver to operate the vehicle and get everyone home safe and sound.

Additionally, a drunk passenger may have alcohol on them when in the car. If they continue to drink they will only become more inebriated. This type of activity in a car typically does not tend to produce the best outcomes. Not to mention, a driver that gets pulled over with open liquor bottles present in their car may face burdensome legal implications.

Last, it is not uncommon for a person that has had too much to drink to feel sick. An uncontrollable reaction when the feeling hits can make a nasty mess inside of a car.

Designated drivers could have more considerations than initially thought when they drive intoxicated people from one place to the next. But, a designated driver is still the best answer when hitting the road after drinking. 

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