Understanding Different Types of Truck Accidents

Understanding Different Types of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents come in all shapes and sizes, but familiarizing yourself with the most common types of these crashes can help you avoid becoming a victim yourself. Beyond the more unique accidents we’ll cover here, it’s important to remember that even traditional (head-on, side-impact, etc.) truck accidents are especially lethal compared to their Mississippi auto accident counterparts. This is due to the sheer mass/ poor maneuverability of a truck presenting an overwhelming risk to all other vehicles on the road.


Rollover truck accidents are usually caused by external impacts such as other vehicles and curbs, yet are especially likely for trucks due to their high center of gravity, narrow profile, and inability to rapidly alter their speed. The high, flat sides of trucks also present a much higher risk of wind-related rollovers, which are only exacerbated by improperly loaded cargo and other acts of negligence.

Jackknife Accidents

Understanding Different Types of Truck AccidentsTruck drivers are ultimately only able to directly control the cabin of their truck. Hitched tractor-trailers are merely secured to the cabin via a swiveling fixture, which a trucker may lose complete control of before or during an accident. When this occurs, the trailer usually swings widely to either side, pivoting in on itself like a folding knife. This usually results in the truck obstructing multiple lanes of traffic, which can cause secondary collisions and pile-ups if other vehicles fail to react in time.

Underride Crashes

When a smaller vehicle rear-ends a truck or strikes its trailer from the side, it may be shunted underneath the high profile of the trailer, cleaving or crushing the top of the driver’s cabin in the process. These underride crashes are among the most lethal accidents in existence, period. The carriages of motor vehicles aren’t designed with top-down crushing in mind, meaning that they’re far more likely to crumple, and ultimately maim or kill their occupants in the process.

Cargo-Related Incidents

Cargo-related truck accidents are as varied as the cargo trucks can carry, but in general, a truck’s freight can influence or cause an accident in one of a select few ways:

  • Cargo shift is responsible for 4% of all truck accidents, and entails a sudden shifting of improperly loaded cargo, suddenly throwing a truck’s center of balance off.
  • Direct impact entails loose freight flying off of a truck and striking trailing vehicles in the process; at best, this can severely damage the cars in question, yet it’s not unheard of for cargo to go through windshields and crush drivers.
  • Road hazards are the result of loose cargo that fails to hit a car directly. These items can remain on the roadway for hours or even days, potentially causing future accidents in the process.
  • Hazardous cargo. Whether explosive, toxic, flammable, or otherwise dangerous, such cargo can make a crash scene far more deadly for both victims and first responders, necessitating a rapid response from truckers.
  • Overloading a truck not only makes it more likely to roll over but also hampers its maneuverability and overstresses the wheels, making a tire blowout significantly more likely.

Liability for Mississippi Truck Accidents

Regardless of the type of truck accident you’ve experienced, a Mississippi truck accident attorney can help you determine who’s at fault, ensuring that you receive appropriate compensation in the process. Give Germany Law firm, PLLC a call at (601) 401-6884 to schedule a free consultation with a legal professional, and we’ll answer all the questions you may have about truck accidents, the claims process, and your recovery overall.