U.S. Travel Trends During the Holidays

U.S. Travel Trends During the Holidays

When Thanksgiving and Christmas are near, many people make plans to visit friends and family that they may not have seen too often during the year. Families may decide to take advantage of the children’s time off from school and go on a vacation. No matter what the reason is for long-distance travel during the holiday season, The United States Bureau of Transportation reports that during this time of the year there is always an increase in traffic for long-distance trips.

According to the USBOT, the rise in long-distance travelers is up by 54% for Thanksgiving and when Christmas comes about it increases by 23%. The National Household Travel Survey shows that the most heavily traveled day for long-distance trippers during the holidays is on Thanksgiving day itself.

What are the Holiday Travel Patterns in the United States?

U.S. Travel Trends During the HolidaysThe lion’s share of long-distance travel takes place by means of personal vehicles. Cars make up 91% of all the modes that are utilized to make those long-distance trips. Though most destinations are traveled to by car throughout the entire year and the number is just below what is seen during the holidays. For the rest of the year, 89% of people use their personal cars to complete their long-distance plans from one place to the next. 

For the rest of travelers, up to 6% will choose to travel by means of air. Then, the remaining 3% use some combination of trains, ships, buses, and other alternative travel options.

Thanksgiving day leads when it comes to the most popular day for traveling by car. But for those that choose other means of commercial transport, Wednesday tends to have more travelers than Thursday. 

Christmas week does not have such static trends as Thanksgiving. This is because the day that Christmas and New Year’s land each year varies, unlike the rigidity of the Thanksgiving holiday. But the average number of miles that people will travel for a long-distance trip during the holidays versus the rest of the year has some stable trends. Those that do a long-distance trip during Thanksgiving will on average travel 214 miles from start to finish while for Christmas that the total number of miles is 275. Over the course of the year, the average distance of long-distance travel is 261 miles.

Out of all the travelers that make long-distance trips during the holidays, only half will stay over at their destination while the other half do day trips. During Thanksgiving, the average number of nights that people stay away from home is a bit less than three. Long-distance travelers during Christmas who stay away from home will spend approximately four nights at their landing place.

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