Tylertown, MS – 12-Year-Old Girl Found Dead in Paradise Ranch Resort Pool

Tylertown, MS – 12-Year-Old Girl Found Dead in Paradise Ranch Resort Pool

Tylertown, MS (July 17, 2021) – Walthall County deputies are investigating the death of a 12-year-old girl who drowned in a swimming pool at Paradise Ranch Resort near Tylertown on Wednesday, July 14th.

According to a source inside the sheriff’s department, the girl was reported missing at about 4:30 p.m. Upon their arrival, deputies met with resort security who said they had already checked the pool for the missing girl and she wasn’t there. 

Deputies then initiated a thorough search of the wooded area surrounding the park, as well as a door-to-door search of all RV campers. They eventually located the girl’s body in the swimming pool. By then, she had been in the water for so long that attempts to revive her using CPR were unsuccessful.

They later found the girl in the pool. CPR was used to try to revive her, but the sheriff said she had been underwater too long.

An official stated that, due to recent heavy rains in the area, the pool water may have been too cloudy for resort security to see the body.

An investigation into this death is being conducted by local law enforcement.

We would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased victim at this time.

Drowning Deaths on Resort Property in Tylertown

7.17 Tylertown, MS - 12-Year-Old Girl Found Dead in Paradise Ranch Resort Pool

Resorts are classified as private businesses and are, therefore, statutorily obligated to make sure their property is safe for guests. People on resort premises will fall under one of three groups: invitees (paying guests), licenses (social and business guests), and trespassers (persons not legally permitted on the property). 

Those who have paid to be on the premises and are allowed to use the pool are invitees who are entitled to the greatest possible degree of care. If you were injured in an accident or a family member died at a resort pool, the first thing to do is to determine what, if any, duty of care the resort owed you. Once that has been established, you will be able to move forward with a claim of premises liability or wrongful death.

A premises liability claim needs to have a minimum of one of the three below-listed elements to be viable. The more elements you can prove, the stronger your claim will be.

  • The manager or owner of the resort was aware of the danger and failed to notify guests or repair the issue
  • The manager or owner of the resort is the person who caused the danger
  • The manager or owner of the resort was unaware of the potential hazard but reasonably would have known if they had been diligent regarding their guest’s safety

When families have to deal with the emotional trauma of losing a loved one, their distress is usually compounded by the financial hardships created by things like funeral expenses, burial costs, and lost wages and benefits. As often as you might do your part to ensure the safety of others and upholding your duty of care, there are no certainties that other people will show you or your family the same courtesy. People who shun the duty of care they owe to others are the primary cause of accidental injuries and deaths throughout the state.  

When someone dies from an accident-related injury caused by a negligent, malicious, or reckless person, their family might be entitled to financial compensation. Filing a claim with the help of an efficient and responsive wrongful death attorney in Jackson, Mississippi will ensure the protection of your legal rights after losing someone you love.

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