Two Types of Non-Traumatic Brain Injuries

Two Types of Non-Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can result in some of the most challenging and life-changing symptoms. Some non-traumatic brain injuries can be just as severe as traumatic brain injuries. This can make figuring out which type of brain injury you have difficult. The best thing you can do for yourself after a major accident is to seek medical attention. In Mississippi, consider asking a Jackson brain injury lawyer for help if your brain injury was caused by someone else.

Traumatic Versus Non-Traumatic Brain Injuries

Compared to traumatic brain injuries, non-traumatic brain injuries are not caused by blunt force or trauma to the head. The two main types of non-traumatic brain injuries are caused by hypoxia and brain infection.

Hypoxia happens when a person is not receiving enough oxygen. When the brain does not receive enough oxygen for a certain period of time, brain damage can occur. A person going through this might feel faint or pass out. Call 911 immediately if this happens. The longer the brain goes without oxygen, the higher the chances are of long-term brain damage.

There are several reasons hypoxia could happen. Car and workplace accidents that involve blunt force trauma to a person’s body can cause:

  • Punctured lungTwo Types of Non-Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Lungs filling with blood
  • Broken ribs
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Traumatic brain injury that causes breathing problems

Infections to the brain can happen when the brain is exposed. Severe skull fractures can expose the brain to infection if not handled correctly. This is why calling 911 immediately after a major skull injury is so important. People may experience various symptoms depending on the type and severity of the infection.

Some brain infections may also be caused by medical malpractice. Brain surgeons who fail to follow proper sterilization procedures could place patients at risk. These surgeons could be sued if the patient suffers from a brain infection.

Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury

The symptoms of a traumatic brain injury can overlap with non-traumatic brain injuries but may also stand out. A traumatic brain injury happens after a major hit to the head. Consider seeking medical help if you experience the following symptoms after this:

  • Confusion
  • Memory and concentration problems
  • Seizures
  • Slurred speech
  • Constant headaches
  • Nausea with vomiting
  • Dilated pupils
  • Trouble walking or breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Major behavior, mood, or personality changes

Some traumatic brain injuries might require surgeries, long-term treatments, and permanent at-home care. Many of these treatments can be expensive. If your brain injury was caused by negligence, then try contacting a Jackson brain injury lawyer for guidance.

A lawyer can help you collect the evidence needed for a personal injury claim. You could potentially be compensated for your medical bills and lost wages.

Brain Injury Lawyer in Mississippi

You may not have to pay for your brain injury treatments if someone else was at fault for your injury. Call Germany Law Firm, PLLC today by dialing (607) 487-0555 to talk to a Gulfport personal injury attorney for a consultation. Our team of lawyers might be able to help you obtain compensation for medical costs, emotional distress, and lost wages. We serve clients throughout Jackson, Madison, Gulfport, Oxford, and other cities in Mississippi.