The Two Major Types of Acquired Brain Injury

The Two Major Types of Acquired Brain Injury

Brain injuries that are not a result of a person’s heredity, a degenerative problem, or from trauma sustained during birth are called acquired brain injuries. There are two types of ABI and in both cases, the brain damage took place after a person was born. Many ABI can result in significant challenges and obstacles a person will have to face.  Whether it is cognitive issues, mobility problems, or other functional difficulties, brain damage has major negative life implications.

What are the Different Types of Acquired Brain Injury?

Two Types of Acquired Brain InjuryAs the name implies, acquired means that something happened or a person received an injury to their brain tissue. Damage that takes place after a person is born can happen in two ways:

Non-Traumatic Brain Injury

Destruction of the brain tissue that is not related to forceful impact is generally considered a  non-traumatic brain injury. Internal problems can arise and the following can happen:

  • Tumor
  • Aneurysm
  • Decreased or diminished oxygen to the brain.
  • Developing a highly infectious disease.
  • Stroke.
  • Near drowning.

Meningitis, for example, is a disease that can attack the brain. When a person contracts meningitis, there is immense inflammation that takes place around the spinal cord and encompassing the brain. The pressure from the inflammation can make the disease quite painful with headaches, a very stiff and sore neck, and high fevers. While some cases of meningitis cases will only need time to get better, others will need immediate treatment, or death could result.

Traumatic Brain Injury

When the head and neck sustain impact, penetration, or both, the damage to the brain is said to be traumatic. Examples of how traumatic brain injuries can happen include:

  • Slip and falls.
  • Violence and abuse.
  • Sports and physical recreation.
  • Motorcycle, truck, passenger car accidents.
  • Pedestrian accidents.
  • Aviation accidents.

Both traumatic brain injuries and non-traumatic brain injuries can cause a victim’s quality of life to be greatly diminished. Traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries can also be deadly. 

In the state of Mississippi, when a negligent party’s actions lead to an incident that causes you harm, like brain injury, you have the right to file a suit against them for compensation. Car accidents are rampant across the United States and are a large reason behind many traumatic brain injuries reported each year. Mississippi also has its fair share of collisions that lead to severe injuries and death. There were just under 700 people who died in Mississippi car accidents in 2016.

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