Tractor-Trailer Speed Limits in Mississippi

Tractor-Trailer Speed Limits in Mississippi

The state of Mississippi extends for 48,433 square miles and legal speed limits are often called into question by motor vehicle drivers, including tractor-trailer drivers.

Kinds of Roadways in Mississippi

Tractor-Trailer Speed Limits in Mississippi

The state of Mississippi has several different kinds of roadways, the most prevalent include interstates, highways, and multi-lane (four or more) state roads, which have an absolute speed limit of 60 miles per hour for commercial truck drivers.

Mississippi is also home to other highways that have fewer than 4 lanes. These roads have an absolute speed limit of 55 miles per hour for commercial truck drivers.

In 2008, Mississippi lawmakers approved an absolute speed limit of 80mph on toll roads in Mississippi, despite the fact that Mississippi currently has no such roads. 

It is essential to remember that during inclement weather or anytime visibility is limited, tractor-trailers are restricted to a 45 miles per hour speed limit.  

What is Meant by “Absolute Speed Limit”?

Mississippi currently enforces an absolute speed limit within the state. An absolute speed limit means the speed displayed and enforced must not be exceeded even to maintain the flow of traffic such as passing slower vehicles. 

As a result of the absolute speed limit, contesting a speeding ticket is extremely difficult. There are very few reasons that can warrant breaking this limit. These can be:

  • A driver can argue the accuracy of which the speed was measured. 
  • A driver can argue that they had to break the speed limit to prevent further injury to others in an emergency situation.
  • A driver may claim a case of mistaken identity. If a police officer clocks a speeding driver and then loses the offender, it is conceivable that the officer might pull over the wrong car.

What is Meant by “Presumed Speed Limit”?

The alternative to the absolute speed limit is the idea of a presumed speed limit, which does not exist in Mississippi. A presumed speed limit is where numerical speed limits are not posted, instead, trusting motorists to travel at a speed that is safe for the weather and road conditions.  

What is Mississippi’s Minimum Speed Limit?

Mississippi has a minimum speed limit in place that applies to tractor-trailer operators. The idea of the minimum speed limit is to decrease traffic congestion and maintain a steady flow of traffic.

If a driver is operating under the average flow of traffic, they will need to drive in the right-hand lane.

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