Top Three Accidents in Mississippi and How to Prevent Them

Top Three Accidents in Mississippi and How to Prevent Them

Car accidents occur every day, and it has become a regrettable but undeniable fact of our everyday lives. All human beings are prone to error, whether voluntary or involuntary. America is among the greatest offenders in the world with the highest number of drunk drivers. Furthermore, Mississippi is the state with the greatest amount of car accidents per capita in the country. However, despite the greater numbers, this does not mean that these accidents are out of our control.

Most if not all car accidents are preventable in some form, regardless of how prone to error people can be. Different mistakes contribute to car accidents for better or worse, such as driving distracted, while drugged, or overlooking safety. But with a keen awareness of the causes of accidents, we can work to prevent them in the long run.

Stop Driving Intoxicated and Distracted

Despite how many people understand that driving intoxicated or distracted is wrong, many do it anyway. Why is this? Many drivers, whether they realize it or not, tend to feel untouchable while driving. They break these rules with thoughts like, “I’ll be careful!” or “It’s only for a second!” or “Just one time!” Tragically, the moment we decide to break the rules is often when most people end up in these accidents. Because of this carelessness, thousands of people have died due to Mississippi citizens driving under the influence or distracted.

Top Three Accidents in Mississippi and How to Prevent Them

The best way we can prevent these accidents is by simply not acting on and developing these habits. Never drink alcoholic beverages or take certain medications before driving. Always have a designated driver ready, especially if you have plans to drink. Most of all, all drivers should put their phones away to avoid texting and driving. Texting and driving can become a force of habit we do out of impulse. Consider silencing or even turning off your phone while driving, especially if you have a developed habit.

Educate Yourself and New Drivers

Once we receive our driver’s license, we fall under the impression that we know all there is to driving. As young teenagers just passing a driver’s exam, this can be especially true at an age of ignorance and bliss. But we must open to learning rules we may have missed in classes or lessons our own parents overlooked.

Educating new drivers can be especially important not only for their lack of experience but also for negligent behaviors. This makes teen drivers particularly vulnerable to accidents, making them all the more common. For this reason, we should not only focus on our own awareness and knowledge while driving but that of younger drivers. To some degree, it is the responsibility of veteran drivers to teach teenage drivers responsibility and road safety.

Wear a Seat Belt!

The choice of wearing a seat belt in a car is simple, yet often neglected every year. Despite the minimal effort of buckling a seat belt into place, people avoid it for minor inconveniences. Some simply forget or avoid putting on the seat belt, while others find it painful or uncomfortable to wear.

Nevertheless, whether a seat belt feels like an obstacle, no inconvenience is worth risking life over. Even if matters of life and death do not concern you, financial repercussions might instead. Throughout the country, drivers can and will be fined if caught driving without wearing a seat belt. Even if you survive a serious accident, not using a seat belt can affect your insurance or injury claims. This is because drivers who operate vehicles without seat belts are simply engaging in risky and dangerous behavior. By practicing better driving habits and safety, people across the globe can prevent the many lethal accidents of everyday life.

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