May 23, 2022

Top Safety Reasons for Learning to Swim

Swimming is a fun and leisurely activity to do when the warmer months are hot. Swimming can cool you off, provide entertainment, and also be an option to get exercise. There are many reasons why people swim, but outside of the pleasurable reasons and health benefits, there are also significant safety reasons to be a strong swimmer

5 Safety Reasons to Learn How to Swim

, Top Safety Reasons for Learning to Swim, Germany Law Firm PLLCSwimming is an activity that does not impart much pressure on joints which is why it is a preferred activity for anyone of any age. When it comes to safety, though, being confident in the water and with one's swimming abilities is essential, and here’s why:

Drowning: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that a minimum of 10 people will die each day by way of drowning. For younger children aged one to 14, drowning comes in at number two for the most commonly reported cause of death.

Supporting Other Activities: If you want to do any water-related activities such as boating, kayaking, surfing, or paddleboarding, you may not be planning on falling in the water, but you could. If this happens you must be able to handle yourself while you are immersed in the water so you do not drown.

Car Accidents: If you lose control of your car or are hit and your car careens into a body of water like a deep lake, you will need to find a way to exit your vehicle. Once out of your vehicle you will need to be able to swim to dry land and safety. 

Car accidents can lead to catastrophic damages. To secure maximum recovery, the Mississippi car accident attorney Bob Germany can help.

Aviation Accidents: Planes are used to travel long distances in shorter amounts of time but they are also used to traverse large bodies of water like oceans. If a plane goes down over a lake, ocean, or other massive body of water there may be a potential to board a lifeboat, and then again, there may not. Either way, swimming is an essential skill in this scenario.

Aiding Others in Peril: If a loved one or friend or even a complete stranger begins to struggle in the water, there is not much time to wait before getting them aid. It does not take very long for the body to take in water and drown. Time is of the essence. Knowing how to swim puts you in a position where you may be able to help while first responders are on their way.

Swimming is an essential life skill that everyone should learn, not only for themselves but for others as well.

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