February 1, 2022

Top 4 Reasons Your Personal Injury Settlement Check Was Delayed

After you have gone through the personal injury claim process and have come to an agreement on a settlement amount, you do not get paid right away. There are actions that take place after a settlement is reached before you are issued a check. Many people that decide to file a personal injury claim are unaware of this. While waiting for your check may be frustrating, the good news is that you will eventually get it. But, it could take a couple of days or even weeks.

What Issues Could Delay Your Personal Injury Settlement Check?

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Typically, the following steps take place once a personal injury settlement is reached:

  • You have to release the insurance company of any further responsibility for your damages, so to do this, you will be required to sign a release form. This confirms that you have accepted a settlement, you are ending your case, and you are essentially prohibited from going back to the insurance company for additional compensation in the future.
  • The insurance company will then process all of the documentation and your release before sending out the check. The check does not go directly to you, but rather your attorney.
  • Your attorney will receive your check and deposit it. Then, any fees that are due for their work on your case will be deducted.
  • Once all fees have been taken out of your settlement, the remaining balance will be sent to you.

Most people get their checks anywhere from a month to a month and a half after they settle. When it takes longer to receive a settlement check these are the top four reasons why that might happen:

  1. The insurance company may take a longer amount of time than the average norm, to process your settlement.
  2. If you secured substantial compensation from your Mississippi personal injury claim, processing much larger checks is can take more time.
  3. You have yet to reach your maximum medical improvement or the point where your injuries have healed as much as they are expected to. This means that you have either made a full recovery, or you have recovered just enough that there is no benefit to additional medical treatment.
  4. There are disputes about portions of your case.

Speak to a Jackson Personal Injury Attorney

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