Tips for Driving Safely Around Trucks

Tips for Driving Safely Around Trucks

Nearly 70% of all truck accident fatalities involve drivers and passengers in smaller motor vehicles, meaning that it’s your responsibility to drive safely around large trucks. Following these key tips for driving safely around trucks is the best way to avoid a potentially catastrophic truck accident in Mississippi.

Keep Your Distance

Staying as far away as possible from trucks is the simplest way to avoid the dangers of truck accidents, as trucks take far longer to slow down or change course than the average vehicle. Double or triple the amount of time you’d give a normal vehicle to react when dealing with trucks, especially when making maneuvers of your own such as lane merging, passing, braking, or turning.

If you have to pass a truck, do so on the left side of the vehicle, as quickly as possible, and only after giving the truck driver enough time to see you approach them. Don’t merge back into the truck’s lane until you can see the entire truck in your rearview mirror. Similarly, if a truck passes you, slow down to create more distance.

When trucks take turns, they may need to do so from middle lanes or with a swerve outwards to create space. Expect wide turns, don’t place yourself in a spot where a truck could pinch your car during a turn, and don’t ever pass a truck while its turn signals are activated.

Stay Out of Blind Spots

Tips for Driving Safely Around Trucks

No matter how capable a truck driver may be, they can’t react to your presence if they can’t see you in the first place. The blind spots of trucks, unlike those of smaller vehicles, are large enough to hide entire cars from view, so avoid these key positions around trucks while driving:

  • The 20-foot stretch in front of the truck
  • All 30 feet behind the truck 
  • The region two-lanes over to the right of the truck, all the way back to the truck’s end length
  • The region one lane to the left of the truck, especially towards the front half of the truck

Similarly, never use high-beams while driving behind a truck, as they feature larger mirrors than other vehicles. High-beams can be annoying for the average car, yet altogether blinding for a trucker, rendering them unable to see both you and any other nearby vehicles.

Practice Additional Caution

Many people drive with the notion that truckers are responsible motorists with extensive training and experience, who therefore won’t ever drive unsafely themselves or cause accidents with momentary mistakes. This is a misconception. Drowsy driving is concerningly common among overworked truck drivers who may violate hours of service regulations, to say nothing of the likelihood of drunk or distracted truck drivers.

Remain extremely vigilant around trucks, practicing as much caution and care as you possibly can. Never assume that a truck driver sees you, and similarly, don’t assume that a truck driver will make responsible decisions or react quickly to roadway dangers.

Compensation for Mississippi Truck Accidents

Despite the best efforts of drivers to stay safe, truck accidents can and do still happen. If you’ve been hurt in one such crash, Germany Law Firm PLLC’s Mississippi truck accident attorneys can help you secure the compensation you need. Trucking companies rarely, if ever, admit liability, so you’ll need strong legal representation to prove that negligence occurred and pursue a successful claim. Give us a call at  (601) 401-6884 to learn more about how we can make the claims process simple, giving you time to focus on your recovery and personal life.