Three Types of Product Defects and Who Can be Held Liable

Three Types of Product Defects and Who Can be Held Liable

No one expects the product they purchased to harm them, but this can and does happen all too often. Some people are left with minor injuries while others are stuck with permanent impairments. All it takes is one product defect to cause such injuries, but there are three types of defects that could be responsible. You might sue a different party depending on the types of product defect that caused your injuries. Talk to a Mississippi defective product lawyer to learn more.

Types of Product Defects

The three types of product defects in product liability cases are manufacturing defects, design defects, and marketing defects. Manufacturing defects can happen during the mass production of the product itself. This can happen when the factory machinery malfunctions or makes an unnoticed error.

Factory workers who are fine-tuning, building parts of, or operating the machines that make the product can also make mistakes. Sometimes all it takes is one minor error to render the Three Types of Product Defects and Who is Held Liableentire product defective and dangerous. A loose bolt or unsecured part could cause a chain reaction of malfunctions.

Design defects are the most destructive types of product defects because they can impact thousands of people. These defects exist in every product the company released to store shelves. The problem is not with the mass production of the product but with the product itself. For example, poorly made batteries that explode would be found in every product released with those batteries.

Marketing defects are not always what they sound like. Rather than defects with stores advertising the item, these defects are more about misinformation. This misinformation can take the form of a lack of warning labels or no instructions for safe use. Failing to warn a consumer of the dangerous handling of a product counts as negligence.

Who Do I Sue for a Product Defect?

Knowing who to sue for a defective product can be tricky to figure out. There are so many parties involved with the product. Choosing between the store owner, salesman, product manufacturing company, and product inventory can be confusing. What helps is context.

Your challenge is to figure out what it was about the product that caused your injuries. Ask yourself if it was the lack of warning labels, a broken piece in the product, or an exploding battery. Search online whether anyone else has had the same problem to see if you are dealing with a design defect or manufacturing defect. Contact a Mississippi product liability lawyer if you are not sure.

If the defect was in the design or marketing, then you might need to sue the product company. However, stores that sell a product they know is broken by simply looking at the product might be held liable.

Defective Product Attorney in Mississippi

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