March 31, 2022

Three Recent Examples of High-Dollar Personal Injury Settlements

Personal injury and wrongful death claims are meant to help victims of negligence secure the money necessary to help them pay for their losses. If one or more party behaves negligently and their actions result in either the injuries or death of another party or parties, then those who suffered may be able to take legal action and pursue financial compensation for their damages. Of course, every case differs with respect to the number of damages that apply and the ultimate value. Nevertheless, in general, a claim will include at least some amount of economic damages, non-economic damages, and potentially punitive damages.

A victim can file a claim for compensation alone, but this is typically not advisable. Working with a qualified legal professional is a good idea for many reasons, most notably, knowing the law and the process of securing maximum recovery. Many things can happen in a personal injury or wrongful death case that can make it quite complex to come to a final fair settlement or financial award from the court. 

Victims of Mississippi personal injury or wrongful death accidents can count on and trust the experienced legal counsel of Bob Germany, a Jackson personal injury attorney.

Recent Personal Injury Claims with Large Settlements

, Three Recent Examples of High-Dollar Personal Injury Settlements, Germany Law Firm PLLCThere are two very common questions that personal injury attorneys get when they are evaluating a victim’s accident experience. The first is how much is their case worth and the second is wanting to know how long will it take to obtain compensation. There are several factors that influence the answer to these two questions, and there are no definites or guarantees. However, your attorney can help you get an estimate or an idea of what may be to come and what you might expect for your case.

For the most part, the greater the damages are in a claim the higher the reward will be. Even though this may seem ideal, if you are permanently injured or disabled or if you lost a loved one, that money may not feel as good to you as it appears to others on the outside looking in on your situation. Still, it is important to obtain as much compensation as possible from your claim and your attorney will work diligently to improve the chances that it happens.

If there are significant damages done to a victim, then a high-dollar settlement may follow. Some examples of recent cases that paid out large sums of money include:

  1. In New Jersey in 2020, a jury decided in favor of the four plaintiffs and against the defendant, Johnson & Johnson. The claim was that the pharmaceutical company’s baby powder product had carcinogenic ingredients that caused their cancer diagnoses. A $787 million settlement ensued.
  2. In Tennessee in 2020, a plaintiff won their case against the defendant, Top Auto Express, Inc. Significant injuries including permanent paralysis befell the plaintiff after being involved in a multi-car accident started by the trucking company’s vehicle jackknifing. A $375 million settlement resulted. It is important to note that in this case, the trucking company was not represented by a licensed and trained legal professional.
  3. In New Jersey in 2020, a plaintiff won their case against the defendant, Verizon. The plaintiff was hit by a utility pole owned by Verizon and was paralyzed because of it. The pole was not properly maintained and Verizon had to pay the plaintiff $125 million.

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