Three Crucial Driving Laws to Follow in Mississippi

Three Crucial Driving Laws to Follow in Mississippi

Traffic laws dictate every route we take from home, to work or even simple shopping trips. But many drivers are guilty of breaking traffic laws at some point, intentionally or unintentionally. We run red lights and stop signs, park in no parking zones, and speed on highways. However, breaking laws not only provides you a one-way ticket to legal charges but potentially places you in danger of an accident.

Traffic laws do not exist to mildly inconvenience drivers but ensure safety for ourselves and the drivers around us. Following traffic laws goes beyond doing the “right thing” but promoting safe driving. Additionally, breaking traffic laws that cause an accident makes you liable for compensation of medical bills and property damages.

Instead of putting yourself at legal risk, consider the following these frequently broken laws to avoid trouble. By knowing the common causes of car accidents in Mississippi state, you can avoid future accidents in the long run.

Smartphone Usage

With the rise of smartphones, laws have begun to reflect this new age by restricting phone use while driving accordingly. The law still allows for phone calls while driving, but drivers must use hands-free devices. This means texting, reading, using social media, or even gaming is entirely forbidden while driving.

It should go without saying that doing any of these activities while driving can be dangerous to multiple parties. Nevertheless, we text our friends or check the news while driving out of force of habit. Enforcing laws around smartphone usage is crucial for many reasons. Cell phone use not only causes many accidents but also might result in hefty legal fines.

A ticket for texting alone can cost around $100, and repeated offenses can lead to more serious charges in the future. If you end up in an accident while texting and operating a motor vehicle, you may struggle to earn compensation. Furthermore, evidence of texting or phone use while driving can make defending you in court much more difficult.

Utilizing Your Headlights

Visibility is a crucial element while driving throughout the day and night. If other drivers cannot see you, they could end up in an accident with you. If you cannot spot a pedestrian, you might hit one without realizing it. Vice versa, a pedestrian should be able to see a car traveling nearby. All modern cars have headlights installed for this reason: to see and be seen.

In the state of Mississippi, drivers must have headlights turned on between sunset to the dawn of morning. In addition, using headlights in severe inclement weather can also be crucial for sight and spotting others. You may use high beams down darker, emptier roads, but only if another vehicle is beyond 500 feet distance. High beams can hurt and impair opposing drivers’ ability to see, potentially causing an accident.

Though a more minor violation, lack of headlight use can result in citations or qualify as a misdemeanor. If your car only has one working headlight, law enforcement can pull you over and ticket you for this offense. Maintaining visibility not only promotes safety but also avoids easily preventable charges.

Wearing Your Seat Belt

All Mississippi drivers and passengers must wear a seat belt while in an active motor vehicle. Not using a seat belt inThree Crucial Driving Laws to Follow in Mississippi Mississippi is considered a primary level offense and offenders can and will be fined. In fact, children have their own laws for riding in a car with a seat belt and must be secured. This might require a booster seat, a lap belt, or shoulder harness based on each child, however necessary.

Much like headlights, fines for wearing a seat belt may seem minor, but repeat offenses can pile up. More importantly, driving with a seat belt ensures driver and passenger safety. In fact, most fatalities result due to people not wearing seat belts. Following the law goes beyond simply avoiding tickets, legal charges, or even jail time, but ensuring your own safety.

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