April 25, 2022

The Risks of Motorcycle Blind Spots

Being unaware of where your blind spots are can lead to unexpected accidents. So many motorcycle accidents happen because a driver did not see a motorcyclist in a blind spot. Not only that, but motorcycles have unique blind spots compared to other drivers. This can increase the chances of both parties making a fatal error. Talk to a Jackson personal injury attorney if you suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident.

Where Are a Motorcycle’s Blind Spots?

When it comes to motorcycle blind spots, they are somewhat similar to the blind spots of a car. You have two blind spots on either side and one blind spot in the back. The blind spots on both sides tend to be larger than the blind spot in the back.

Blind spots tend to pop up in areas that are not covered by mirrors or peripheral vision. Some motorcycles may have more blind spots than others depending on:

  • The size of the motorcycle
  • More or fewer motorcycle mirrors
  • The type of motorcycle helmet being used

Some motorcycle helmets will provide more peripheral vision than others. The type of motorcycle helmet you wear can create additional blind spots on the sides. Being aware of these different blind spots and their causes may help you avoid making a crucial error.

, The Risks of Motorcycle Blind Spots, Germany Law Firm PLLC

All it takes is one moment of not seeing another driver to cause a major accident. Many motorcycle accidents lead to severe injuries and deaths to motorcyclists. This is largely due to the fact that motorcyclists are more exposed to harm than other drivers. The risk of major injuries goes up as a result.

There are ways you can try to avoid this. One way is to know the most important times to check your blind spots:

  • Turning left or right
  • Switching lanes
  • Slowing down or coming to a stop

Blind Spots that Cause Motorcycle Accidents

It can also be helpful to know where the other driver’s blind spots are in regard to you as a motorcyclist. Drivers are less likely to catch motorcyclists in the same blind spots as other vehicles. The smaller size of motorcycles is what makes this happen.

Common driver blind spots for motorcycles are in the same areas as other vehicles. The difference is that drivers are less likely to see a motorcycle when checking their usual blind spots. Double-check these blind spots when motorcyclists are nearby:

  • Side mirrors
  • Rear-view mirror
  • Side back windows

If you do find yourself in an accident, do not panic. You may have several legal options. Try contacting a Jackson accident lawyer to see what those are. A lawyer can help defend your case if needed and help you obtain significant compensation.

Personal Injury Attorney in Jackson

Motorcycle accidents can leave people with massive damages that can be hard to fully recover from. Call the Germany Law Firm, PLLC by dialing (607) 487-0555 to talk to a Mississippi multi-vehicle accident lawyer for a consultation today. Our legal team can help you seek compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical costs. We can be found in Jackson, Madison, Gulfport, Oxford, and other cities in Mississippi.

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