The Real Costs Of Car Accidents In Mississippi

The Real Costs Of Car Accidents In Mississippi

It’s no secret that the rising costs of medical bills are a large problem for many people throughout the country. The average cost of a three-day hospital stay without insurance is over $30,000. In 2012, over 2.5 million people visited an emergency room; about 200,000 of those people were sent there due to injuries sustained in a car accident. Given how many Americans are drivers and how important our vehicles are to our daily lives, this figure may not be entirely surprising. It is, however, a very costly figure in more ways than one.

The Cost Of Car Accidents On The Economy

Because car accidents are so ubiquitous and can run the range of causing minor to fatal injuries, they have an enormous financial impact on the overall economy of the United States. As emotionally devastating as losing a loved one to a car crash is, that death also represents a loss of productivity and contributions to the local market.

In Mississippi alone, fatal car accidents led to 7 million dollars in medical costs and an additional 854 million dollars in work loss costs in 2013. This was based on approximately 675 people who lost their lives in fatal crashes that year.

The Individual Medical Costs Of Car Accidents

There’s a very good reason why if you’re in a car accident, you should seek the counsel of an auto accident attorney. As previously mentioned, the average cost of a three-day hospital stay is over $30,000. However, a hospitalization from a car accident can cost upwards of $57,000. That figure is just an average though.

Depending on how bad an accident is and how much trauma the victim suffered, that number could be considerably higher. And as morbid as the subject matter is, an accident that results in permanent injury and disability could lead to a lifetime of medical expenses. Even in death, the costs of a funeral and burial can be an overwhelming amount to deal with. This is also why discussing matters with a lawyer who’s experienced in wrongful death cases is something to consider.

Car Accidents Lead to Lost Wages

As previously mentioned, in regards to the economy, fatal car accidents lead to people no longer being able to contribute to the workforce. Seriously injured victims may recover enough to return to their job eventually, but that time in the interim reflects lost wages that further inflict harm to the victim and their household. Car crashes can put people into a serious amount of financial trouble due to the combination of repair bills, medical bills, and leave them with no income to help cover the expenses.

Insurance companies can also be notoriously difficult to work with, so even if you are covered or are filing a claim against another person’s insurance, you may not get the money you need to get your life back together. That’s why when it comes to determining the “real” cost of a car accident, it’s hard to set a fixed number. If someone just has to fix some cosmetic damage to their vehicle, a number can be attached to that. But how do you measure the cost of an accident where a car is totally destroyed, a passenger is killed, and the driver breaks an arm, a leg, 4 ribs, and can’t return to work for 8 months? The real cost is not only hard to determine but hard to live with and live through.

Struggling With The Effects Of A Car Accident? Call Germany Law Firm PLLC

You may not be able to determine the real cost of a car accident, but an experienced attorney can help you try to find what that cost and value is. Bob Germany has been a member of the Mississippi Bar since 1981 and knows how traumatic car accidents can be on the body, the mind, and your finances. If you’ve been in an accident, contact Germany Law Firm PLLC at 601-401-6884 for a free consultation. When you’re struggling with the cost of a crash, a free consultation with Germany Law Firm is something you can’t afford to miss out on.