The Most Common Types of Baby Products That Cause Injuries

The Most Common Types of Baby Products That Cause Injuries

The first four years of a child’s life are the most vulnerable times they’ll ever experience, and as such, products for babies are extensively regulated with strict standards for safety. However, that doesn’t mean that baby products can’t cause injuries, whether by faulty construction or unsafe design.

Baby Products and Falls

The Most Common Types of Baby Products That Cause InjuriesA study looking at baby product-related injuries demonstrates that certain types of baby products are especially likely to cause injuries and that furthermore, 80% of all baby product-related injuries are related to a fall caused by the baby itself, injuring the head or neck most of the time. As one might expect, these types of falls frequently lead to traumatic brain injures in children, which can stunt children’s growth for life or even outright kill them. Make sure you know some of the most common baby products that cause injuries so that you can exercise caution and make educated buying decisions:

  • Baby Carriers. Most injuries related to baby carriers are related to babies escaping the carrier’s restraints, both while actively being carried as well as when the carrier is set on top of high places. In either event, straps that fail to restrain a child as they advertised they would, signal that the manufacturer is liable for making a dangerous product.
  • Strollers & Carriages. Due to their momentum, elevation for babies, and the ability to roll when unattended, strollers and carriages are common sources of injuries when used improperly. However, defects are also common; broken wheel systems and brakes, ineffective safety straps, and designs that fail to otherwise keep a baby inside can be extremely dangerous. These things aren’t uncommon either—just last year, the BOB Jogging Stroller was responsible for well over a hundred injured children due to a hazardous design. 
  • Walkers, Jumpers & Exercisers. Due to the autonomy walkers, jumpers, and exercisers afford small children, they should only be used under close supervision and at an age where a child is incapable of freeing themselves from the restraints, toppling the device, or moving the device to a stairwell or other drop in elevation. Faulty restraints and walkers that allow for rapid movement are usually to blame for product-related child injuries.
  • Cribs & Mattresses. Children in cribs are inevitably left unattended for extended periods of time, which necessitates strict safety regulations: drop-side cribs have been illegal for years, and the specifications for crib height, gap size, and spacing have been closely regulated for even longer. However, this doesn’t mean that faulty, dangerous cribs and mattresses aren’t still produced, which can allow a child to sustain injuries.

Always carefully read through manuals and instructions included with baby products, using them only for their intended purpose with particular caution when you’ve only recently acquired them. Via careful inspection and testing, you can oftentimes catch faulty products before they injure your child, and then file a complaint or claim against the manufacturer without the stress of an injured baby weighing on your mind.

Baby Product Liability Attorneys in Mississippi

Children being injured by a product, while likely indicative of a product liability claim, isn’t enough to prove that a specific party is at fault. Talking to one of our Mississippi products liability lawyers is the best way to learn more about how you can get the compensation you deserve for your child’s suffering. Schedule a free consultation today at  (601) 401-6884 to talk to a knowledgeable professional who cares.