The Many Different Types of FDA Drug Recalls

The Many Different Types of FDA Drug Recalls

Technology today has drastically changed the quality of life that people across the globe are able to enjoy. It has been instrumental in extending life, as well. Included in technological advances are those related to medical treatments, drugs, and medical devices. Still, even with so many incredible drugs on the market, not all are safe for everyone. It is possible to go to your local pharmacy or to fill a prescription from your doctor with a medicine that doesn’t help you but rather, hurts you.

If you were harmed by medicine that your doctor gave you or that you bought over the counter, you could have a claim for compensation. There are numerous cases of drugs that appear to be safe but when accessed by the public, are found to be highly toxic and unhealthy. Drug manufacturers can be to blame and ultimately, in some circumstances, held financially responsible to victims.

What Are the FDA Drug Recall Classifications?

Types of FDA Drug RecallsSometimes, a drug may not be put under as intense scrutiny as it should have been. As a result, issues with the medicine are not understood. So the drug is put out on the market and for consumption by the public. Then, people begin taking it, and massive physical injuries and even death result. 

Due to the high volume of Americans that take prescription drugs, the chances of having drugs that cause major interactions are common. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that approximately half of the U.S. population is on at least one drug that was prescribed to them and almost a quarter takes a minimum of three prescription drugs.

Even though there are stringent clinical trials that must be done before a drug comes to market, that doesn’t mean that all side effects are detected during this time. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported a 2017 study where many prescription drugs that the FDA approves each year for consumption end up having unknown symptoms which only become present after they hit the consumer market.

Despite this, the FDA is always looking for issues that arise so that recalls and recommendations can be quickly transmitted to the public. There are three classifications that the FDA uses when recalls are necessary including:

  1. Class 1 Recalls are the most serious and severe. Drugs that pose an imminent danger with substantial health implications will be issued a class 1 recall.
  2. Class 2 recalls are for drugs that can cause health issues to arise but these problems do not last long and can even be reversed. 
  3. Class 3 recalls are the most minor of all of the recalls the FDA issues. A class 3 recall means a specific drug hasn’t been produced or packaged according to FDA guidelines, but even though this is true, the drug shouldn’t cause any harm to users.

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