The Influx of Distracted Driving in Mississippi

The Influx of Distracted Driving in Mississippi

At some point during the day, each of us is going to use a cell phone. In a day and age of smart dashboard computers and advanced cell phones, cars have become something of an office hub for people traveling from one point to another on a daily commute. However, one grab for a cell phone can quickly spiral into chaos, as many unfortunate victims have found out.

Distracted driving remains a major problem for the drivers of Mississippi, with a large percentage of adult drivers confirming they had (at some point) used a cell phone while they were behind the wheel. The fact of the matter is that distracted driving is a major problem in our state, but what makes this issue especially bad in Mississippi? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Mississippi Has a Distracted Driving Problem

The Influx of Distracted Driving in MississippiMississippi Today has described our state as the most dangerous places to drive, and recent statistics certainly do not mute this claim. In 2018 alone, 685 people died in motor vehicle accidents, summing up to a death rate of 22.9 fatalities per 100,000 residents (the most severe in the United States). In fact, Mississippi has held this leading death rate each year up to 2018.

Cell phones are certainly not helping this issue. The Mississippi State Department of Health reports that roughly 75% of adult drivers have spoken on cell phones while they were operating their vehicles. Likewise, about one-third of adult drivers confirmed that they had (at some point) read, sent, or written text messages while they were driving.

The Outcome of Distracted Driving

In essence, distracted driving occurs when a person is distracted (in some manner) by one or more objects or people inside the car. Different activities may include eating food, drinking a beverage, gazing at something in the distance, interacting with passengers, and more. Either physical or visual stimuli can trigger a distracted driving crash.

Overall, lawmakers have severely cracked down on distracted driving over the past decades. Nowadays, texting and driving is illegal in several parts of the United States (with hands-free communication tools placed in the same category). Drivers who injure other drivers and passengers (or possibly pedestrians) can face hefty charges, as a result.

For more information on how to prevent distracted driving in your family, you can review the S-M-A-R-T method for teen drivers.

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Although the majority of people are on high alert when they are driving, the fact of the matter is that cell phones, tablets, and a variety of paraphernalia can easily distract you on the roadway. In the blink of an eye, people will struggle to find an object and lose sight of the road, resulting in deadly accidents.

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