The Importance of Receiving an Official Mississippi Accident Report

The Importance of Receiving an Official Mississippi Accident Report

In 2016, there were 690 people who lost their lives in a crash on Mississippi roadways. Nationally, in 2015 as high as 40,2000 people died in traffic incidents. The United States has so many crashes that also in 2015 somewhere in the country, there were 96 people who died in car accidents every day that year. No one expects to be in a car accident and when they leave their home to go run an errand or go to work, for example. It is unlikely that you expect you will be in a collision when you get behind the wheel. The shock, confusion, and stress that comes directly after a Mississippi car accident can leave parties unsure about how to proceed. The impact and jolt that an accident has on parties involved may also make it much more difficult to remember all the details and have an understanding of what took place.

If you were injured in a Mississippi traffic accident and you need help obtaining the police’s accident report, then Germany Law Firm, PLLC can help. An accident report is a useful tool that will have details related to your crash which can help you put the pieces together and recall what occurred. The report along with your memory can be used in your Mississippi personal injury claim.

Why is a Mississippi Accident Report Important?

The Benefits of Your Official Mississippi Accident ReportWhen a Mississippi vehicular accident takes place, the police will often come to the scene. The officer that arrives will look over everything and speak with the parties involved. Officers will also talk to any witnesses that are present. The officer will put together all of the information and write a report. Included in that record will include useful information such as:

  • The identifying information of the parties that were involved in the crash.
  • When the crash took place, the time, and the place.
  • The types of vehicles that were involved in the accident.
  • If citations were issued, the parties that they were given to as well as the reason why will be added to the report.
  • The officer will add everything they see in the environment and take down all relevant elements that are noticed.
  • If there are injuries or if death took place, this will also be noted.

When putting together a Jackson personal injury claim, the information in your crash’s police report can be a crucial component to supporting your assertions that the other party or parties were negligent and thus, accountable for your damages. You can get a copy of the report either online through the Mississippi Department of Public Safety or you can go to the police department in person.

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Your car accident report may be a critical part of building a strong Jackson personal injury claim. To learn more about how your crash report and other information and documentation can help you garner the most compensation from your claim, please call Germany Law Firm, PLLC to schedule a free consultation with the Jackson personal injury lawyer at (601) 487-0555.