The Importance of Rearview Mirrors

The Importance of Rearview Mirrors

Everybody is aware of the various safety features that come with their cars such as anti-lock brakes, seat belts, rearview cameras, airbags, and child locks. One often overlooked safety feature that is no less important than those listed above is your vehicle’s mirrors. There are many different kinds of mirrors that are often found on cars, including:

  • Rear-view mirror
  • Side mirrors
  • Towing mirrors
  • Wide-angle mirrors
  • Power mirrors

Not every single car comes with all of these mirrors, but every single one of these mirrors is intended to be used as a safety measure for drivers so that they can see what is going on around them more easily, and hopefully avoid an accident as a result. 

In most states, however, having a rearview mirror correctly installed in your car is a law.

Rearview and Sideview Mirrors for Driving

The Importance of Rearview Mirrors

The rearview mirror enables drivers to see the traffic and the roadway that is behind them without having to crane their necks backward, taking their eyes off the road as they do so. Sideview mirrors also play an important role. When accurately aligned, drivers will be able to see the sides of their car in the side view mirror. This provides drivers with the ability to notice possible oncoming hazards and a chance to evade them. 

Rearview and Sideview Mirrors for Parking

Rearview mirrors also give drivers the capability of parking easier. Both side and rearview mirrors need to be adjusted so they give a clear line of sight to the sides and rear of the car. This will allows the driver to have an easier time parallel parking, backing into a parking space, and safely pulling out of a parking space.

While you are in traffic, it is a good idea to keep an eye on your rearview mirror to ensure that the driver behind you is keeping a safe distance, just in case you suddenly have to stop. If they are too close, your mirrors will afford you the chance to change lanes and move away from them or, in a worst-case scenario, brace for impact.

The best way to avoid a car crash is to get in the habit of practicing safe driving habits yourself. Sadly, being careful is not always enough to keep you safe.

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