April 11, 2022

The Importance of Not Admitting Anything After a Crash

Words matter and this could never be more true than in the aftermath of an injury or wrongful death accident. There are many ways that injury or wrongful death accidents can take place, with car accidents being a leading source of severe injuries and death across the nation each year. 

Car accidents can be shocking and devastating, and the victims of these incidents can often feel confused and overwhelmed by what they experienced. It can be incredibly difficult to manage the emotions that come along with a car crash and as a result, those involved may not be thinking clearly and say things that could be harmful to them in the future. This is true when it comes to securing compensation from an injury claim.

In Mississippi, victims who are harmed by the negligent actions of others have the right to pursue compensation for the damages they endured. If you need help with your Misssipppi injury claim, the Jackson personal injury attorney at The Germany Law Firm, PLLC can help.

How Can Your Words Hurt Your Claim?

, The Importance of Not Admitting Anything After a Crash, Germany Law Firm PLLCBoth the words you say and the words that others say after an injury or wrongful death accident can have an impact on resulting claims. When you are involved in an accident, you should say as little as possible until you have obtained legal counsel. Your attorney will advise you on what you should and should not say and otherwise, manage all communications during the injury or wrongful death process to ensure you do not jeopardize your claim so you can get the most from it.

It is very common that a natural response to an accident, in the excitement and emotion of the moment, is to say things without thinking about how impactful what you say can be. For example, if you say something like “Oh, I am sorry for hitting you!” or “I am sorry, I just looked away for a second and did not see you!” These types of statements can imply guilt and fault.

Admissions Against Interest, legally, are statements that a person makes against their own self-interest. When these statements are made, they can be included in a personal injury claim as evidence of fault. Judges and juries have no reason to believe that your initial instinct to say something, even if it was against yourself, would be untrue. Because of this, these statements can be very useful in proving who was responsible for causing a crash and then, who is liable for paying for the resulting damages.

So, if you make an admission against interest, this can hurt your ability to get the full amount of compensation you need. Likewise, if the other party makes one of these statements, you may be able to use it to boost the strength of your claim for the most compensation possible.

Speak with a Jackson Car Accident Attorney Today

Every detail of an accident can play a part in determining liability and getting a fair settlement. If you have been injured or if you lost a loved one in a Mississippi car accident or another type of incident, please call the Jackson wrongful death attorney at The Germany Law Firm, PLLC to learn more about how you can get compensation during a free consultation at (601) 487-0555. 

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